Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tonight I went to see the kids I used to watch.  I love them very much.  I miss nannying.  It was a positive part of my life for so long. II miss the energy, the love, the excitement of being around little people.  I even miss the neighborhood, and my hour and half commute through other parts of the BX and Manhattan. 
I will probably get another job in Riverdale.  Probably in the same condo. Tthe people across the hall have an eight week old they would like me to watch.  Five other parents approached me and took my card during the party, after seeing me diffuse fights, lead an arts and craft project, silence everybody and get them to sit still for the cake, and other assorted nannyish activities.


that's luka.  he's very "hyper."  i like him.  he has a zest for life.

And here is andrushka.  i love his jacket.  it's amazing.

Most of the kids I worked with speak English and Russian, or English and Turkish, or English and Chinese, or English and Russian and Georgian, or English and Hebrew.  They dance, sing, do gymnastics, swim, go to language schools, study instruments, do yoga and go to theater camps.  It is good to be little and so loved and lavished upon.

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