Thursday, October 29, 2009

long time no post

I wrote 3071 words of my novel yesterday.  Today I didn't write any words.  I was tired.  dittocat was sick last night!  he had the sh!ts and kept me up.  I still woke up early and went to my gym and forced a hard workout outta this here bag 'o bones I inhabit.
Then I came home and convinced my roommate to make me lunch-huzzah for double cheese grilled cheese!

We watched Seinfeld and I edited my friend's new novel chapter for my writing group tonight.  Then I went down to mid-town to meet up with my beloved papa.  On sis1's recommendation we ate at Tir Na Nog (an Irish restaurant and pub) by Madison Square Garden.  The whole area outside the Garden was hopping, with tons of security and paparazzi, so i guess there was a big concert there tonight.  At the restaurant I had salmon with fennel and pepper over risotto.  Quite delicious.  Oh and I also enjoyed a Hoegarden and shared a creme brulee (my first ever!) with my father.  During supper we talked about his meeting with the Insurance Superintendent and about a few things with the Collateral Loan Broker's Association.  We talked about my hopes to find a significant other and gainful employment, and about my cats stomach troubles.  We talked about my impending birth day (Nov. 2nd) and we talked about hospital bills.  I like visiting with my father very much!  After we ate we had a few minutes and went to visit one of the pawn broker's.  My father introduced me to Mr. Ross, who is 81 years old and still working full-time!  Mr. Ross was kind enough to show me his vault and also his vintage photographs are of old Pawn Broker's Association Annual Meetings.  The picture from 1906 at the Hotel Savoy was my favorite.  The men all have the same magnificent mustache it seems, and they are all making the same "this-is-my-serious-face" expression.

Following that visit I was off on the A train for W4 st. to meet up with the Pink Ponies, my fabulous writing group.  We were sidelined for a few minutes by the lack of available seating. They turned the downstairs of the TeaSpot into a wine and tapas bar!! Just what the world needs  Now we are in the market for a new place to meet, on the East side of Manhattan preferably, with wi-fi, available seating, and also plugs for laptop power cords.  We used to meet in the Cafe at Balducci's but it was very cold and then of course it closed.  We have been meeting alternately at Cafe Mocha on the East Side and the Tea Spot on the West, but Mocha lacks electrical outlets, and the Tea Spot now lacks seating.  Botheration!!

I read a book on the train today about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was a very quick and interesting read and I would recommend it.  I like literature and fiction about cults.  I'm not sure why.  I think it is interesting.  I ponder how it is that an organization or religion gets the label "cult" when other similar religions or organizations are never labeled as such.  I am of the personal opinion (after research beyond this one text) that the FLDS was, and may still be, detrimental to the health and well-being of women and children.
I have also had an interest in polygamy since 12th grade Participation in Government Class, where I presented a bill to our mock-legislature which argued for the repeal of anti-bigamy legislation.  I did that mainly because I wanted a spicy topic, but it got me interested in this lifestyle and its permutations throughout history and in various cultural milieus. My thoughts on the topic are varied and I'm far too tired to go into them now but we can discuss it some other time if you like.
I want some ramen, but it's late and I'm tired.

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