Saturday, October 3, 2009

menstruation sensation

I get the worst cramps. ugh.... like I wish I had a big mallet and a big strong man to hit me on the head like I was a Loony Tune so I'd get those nice little birds flying in a tweety circle around my head.

In the Mahabharata, a 1.8 million word epic poem written in Sanskrit that chronicles the warring houses of Pandava and Karava, the beautiful Draupadi is dragged from her house of menstruation (yes, apparently Vedic princesses get entire houses for their monthly bleed) and taken before the royal court after she is "won" in a game of dice. The warrior Dushasana grabs her sari and gives it a good yank, intending to humiliate her in front of her five husbands and the rest of the court after she points out that the game was less than legit. But Drau's sari keeps going and going until Dushasana gives up, exhausted, and her five husband-brothers swear vengeance.

I don't have a sari that goes on for ever. I have advil, and mango venice ice, and a plug in heating pad which I love.

I wanna get the divacup or a lunacup, because they are more environmentally friendly then ten thousand little pads or tampons with their wrappers, sticker papers, applicators and all that noise. they cost like thirty bucks. so feel free to send me the money for my birthday. there's a paypal button on the bottom of the page. it's november 2nd. i also want a leather motorcycle jacket, but this is more practical.

i want to burrow in my bed all day but that is not to be my dears. this afternoon i will be writing with my friend david and then tonight i will be attending the nigerian day parties with Ewaen. i have a new camera so i'll document the adventure for you, or course.

when i got my period i was young, 13 i think. my grandmother was 11, poor dear. i had so much pain that day i thought i would surely die, and my mother had to take me to the doctor to see if something was wrong with me. i didn't die, and i got codeine. no one gives me codeine anymore, but it is as painful as ever. i used to stay on the Pill to try to make my periods less painful, but I worry about other side effects from being on the pill most of my young adult life.

i wonder about going on the shot. i worry i will gain weight. my sister uses the shot and is happy with it. i would very much like to eliminate my period, or at least reduce it's frequency. i've read that women aren't naturally intended for such frequent menstruation, as in unfettered environs we would often be pregnant or nursing and therefore amenorrheic. i like that word. starts with amen. like thank god the cursed thing stopped. my period stopped several times in my teens because I was significantly underweight, but that's a whole 'nother set of problems going on right there.

the word for period pain is dysmenorrheic, and that's sounds about right. it has a tinge of madness to it, that word. prefix (dys-) - abnormal, impaired, difficulty... i guess mine is difficult. i don't like to think of myself as impaired.

women (like me) with primary dysmenhorrhea have stronger and more frequent uterine contractions.

okay well i'm just blathering on so i'll talk to you later my dears.


  1. I used to have nasty nasty cramps too, Implanon worked a did pregnancy and childbirth :)

  2. hmm maybe i should get preg? i don't think so!!!