Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello my lovelies

Today I am a very sore and tired Oni!  Sunday's workout was extremely intense and my trainer is insane.  I hate that second-day-after soreness from weightlifting.  makes me want to go to sleep.

Last night I went out to the 12th St Ale House on 2nd avenue.  I like that bar, and I have a slight crush on one of the bartenders.  My company for the evening were the venerable mr. foley (he is my longest running drinking buddy and a fabulous fellow, you'll see more of him on these pages later, and his good friend Max, who I believe I may have met before, but I'm not sure.  Foley makes a wonderful web comic, and you can read it if you click that link there with his name on it.

We had a few drinks and then parted ways, Max going to a friend's couch to crash and foley and myself taking off for Ridgewood.  We then visited with ms. kiwi in vietnam (an affection name for Kiwi and Timbo's apartment.)  Foley told a fantastical story (plot for a new novel if I recall correctly), I went out on the fire escape and looked at the sky, and I wrote some in my little notebook.  After many hours I fell asleep on the couch in the redroom.  In the morning Timbo came home from his work and we watched the Maltese Falcon.  Welll I didn't watch the whole thing because it was time for me to head home.  I need to work on my novel today.  It's called Three.  I think you will like it when I get it done.

Today I am very tired as well.  For breakfast I had a McDonald's milk shake and a chicken salad.  Now I am going to make a big ole pot of chicken soup with matzoh balls.  not a good day to be a chicken.

oh, have you ever tried chicken and waffles?  if you are in new york head up to amy ruth's in harlem and get some.  amazing.

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