Saturday, August 28, 2010

SAVE the Pelham Parkway Trees!

Defenders of Parkway trees ratchet up efforts > > Bronx

I love the trees on the parkway. My family has lived on Pelham Parkway for 57 years. I would hate to see any of the trees here go. We already lost several this year due to storms. The neighborhood loves the Parkway and I see people enjoying the wooded spaces everyday. We sunbathe, run, dog walk, bike, skate, read, smoke, play chess, date, chat, eat, drink, kiss and play under these trees. It is our piece of nature and its character will be much maligned by the loss of the trees.

There was a rally to save the trees today and I attended.  I want to make sure that our voices are heard and that the trees are protected. The mature trees are one of my favorite things about my neighborhood.  They are one of the reasons I don't mind living so far from Manhattan, and one of the reasons I just signed a new lease even though my rent went up about three hundred dollars.

Check out this New York Times slideshow featuring my neighborhood and notice a common feature in all the pictures (GREEN TREES!!)  They are what makes Pelham Parkway a beautiful place to live.  In the spring we step off the train into a green land scented with the blooms of flowering trees.  In the summer we find shade beneath the leafy green canopy and in the fall our neighborhood comes alive with a rainbow of colors.  The apple trees bear fruit and the neighborhood communes.  SAVE THE TREES!

Take a drive down Pelham Parkway South:

Friday, August 27, 2010

take this pill

hey take this pill.

it'll make you feel different
different how?

what do you mean different how?
i mean: different, just different, or different better?

definitely different different, maybe different better.
but worse is also different than how i feel now

hey, just take this pill.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

you weren't my first woman but you were the first man with a heart down there

i was walking for months
drinking stale water and chewing prickly paw pads
i dreamt you were a cowboy and i was your mare
i dreamt you were a farmer and i was your field

i opened my eyes into the red hemorrhage of the sunset
and i dreamt you were falling on me
the weight of your body indelible
even as the day shed its skin and night took up her throne

i met you in a carnival for the brokenhearted
the seen too much/been too long gone
the scene was too much for us and i covered you in my rags
donned the sequins and fringes and gave my body over to the crowd
and they took everything you couldn't offer them off of me

and left me to die behind a dune.
but i'm not dead yet
and for the minute i spent striking it rich on the gold in your green eyes
i have hauled harrow after harrow across the dry acres of my mind
uncovering untold treasure and it really
doesn't matter that it was you, that you were, or if you are


maybe my sacrifice birthed these treasured steps on broken ankles
maybe i bowed my eyes and submitted in your stead
so i could become a man in the desert with a stick
leaving cairns in my wake and shining secrets with the tattered cloak
still seeding the sands with wayward rhinestones.

Monday, August 16, 2010

AND IM AWAKE! brian made me A charlie sammich and coffee. i went ot bed at three so getting up at 8 was not easy but i'm alright now i guess. gonna go to the pharmacy and get my pills and then the post office and mail mirmir her meds she left here and then i am going to my gym for some long cardio and then i am going to manhattan to visit the admissions office at hunter. i will do a little sleep on the train. here is a pic of me in someone else's glasses.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

if it's in this post then

i'm feeling it!

up first, hyper-realist scuplture by Carole Feuerman courtesy of Sprayblog:

Dos Equis bottles by KAWS

i wanna drink you.

and an ill photo slideshow of nudibranches over at NewYorkTimes online right HERE

That said, updates on my progress on the mega to-do lists can be expected tomorrow as well as photos and fun from my saturday night excursion to see a show by one of my favoritest ladies, the ever-impressive ms. rebecca memoli

In technical news I can't get mobile blogging to work on my cell phone anymore which is a bummer, especially as i can't access verizonwireless pix place either, so all cell phone pics are now trapped in cellphone land for the time being which sucks.
However, all is not lost because Brian gave me his old camera (it has a slight defect but who doesn't!) as he has gotten a new one.  ok time to make the sleepies.

bee bewb girl

Thursday, August 12, 2010

peekture post

master to-do list!

Master to-do list, updated in real-time :)


a) put handwash items in laundry bucket to soak
b) put regular items in the washer.
c) do the dishes
d)check to see if documents pertaining to FS Re-Certification have arrived i now have one of two
e)switch the wash into the dryers and agitate handwash items
f) go to the gym and run three miles
g)rinse and hang handwash items to dry 

h)put away clean laundry 
i) locate materials for previous applications to graduate school and inventory for essentials such as:
  •           1. sealed transcripts from undergrad
  •           2. GRE scores order form
  •           3. Letters of recommendation
  •           4. et. cetera

j)go visit Hunter College

k) go to spinning at 6:30 pm on friday or else lift (arms and abs or back and chest) for at least an hour.
l) re-write query letter according to workshop responses
m) dye your hair


uno) collect all documents pertaining to FS re-cert and photocopy and hand deliver and get an itemized receipt. (deadline in september 25th but do this asap as they suck!!)
dos) clean your room it is disgusting in there
tres) go to the library or your gonna end up with overdues. 

tres y medio) also email emily to let her know which books the girls have overdue, and go online and renew them as well.
cinco) begin assemblage of documents pertaining to Hunter Application and request necessary letters of recommendation from:

  •                    Synthia at Riverdale Nannies
  •                    Veronika A. pertaining to nannying AND tutoring
  •                    Someone at the New School
sies) acquire passwords and other necessary materials to begin agent search
siete) compile list of possible agents (excel spreadsheet?) and what they request in submissions.  if i don't have excel then make a g-d chart with a ruler and a marker on a big piece of paper.  or see if brian has excel.  someone does.
ocho) send very first query letter to get the g-d ball rolling on this project
nueve) WRITE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE for grad school (500 words)

in the column of really good stuff I already did: 

-request necessary support documents pertaining to FS re-certification

sweep the kitchen
  make a really boss to-do list 
send mirmir her medicine

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

injectable glowing hydrogel beads with function

this is so amazing!  Some scientists in Japan are working on a project to indicate blood sugar for use with diabetics.  as the bloog glucose drops the ear would fluoresce less.  the problem right now is that after alittle while the body recognizes the "life beans" ("Beans" stands for Bioelectrical Mechanical Autonomous Nano Systems." ) as foreign matter and attached proteins to it, dimming the light.

i know there are various zoonoses (such as malaria) wherein the parasite covers itself with proteins of the host to avoid detection by the immune system...  maybe this could be brought into play somehow?  like pick an organism to put in the bean which desires a particular protein which does not obstruct light.

interesting stuff.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

mildly amusing

bret easton ellis does the babysitter's club: here

Old Stan Pie

I asked brian to make me some scrambled eggs today and he was sweet and amenable but sleepy and he instead made a perfect omelette, which neither of us wanted, I guess because we are sick of perfect omlettes.  It got me to thining so i said "hey bri, I think we are getting into something of a culinary rut.  I make too much Sorpresa."
That's a dish i invented that is sort of like picadillo except i just put in everything i can find that looks like it wouldn't be gross with mexican seasonings.

And he was like "well what else can you make?"
And I was like "let's got to the store, tonight I'm gonna make an old stand-by."

"Never heard of it."

And I said, "Chicken-ala-king. I used to make it all the time and I can do a low-fat version that's real tasty."

And he started chuckling.
"Woah I was very confused like who is this old stan and what does he put in his pies?"

and so i laughed until my tummy muscles hurt and later i'm gonna make old stan pie.