Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i babysat for a kid who thought verizon wireless was the capital of minnesota

hai guise.  ut ohs.  I have bed bugs AND one of the bed bug bites got really infected and UGHGHGHGH.  my room is in shambles.  brian is the best roommate and we spent the morning tearing the room up and vacuuming the shit out of everything and throwing away two thousands lbs of rubbish.  i am not a tidy person, no not at all.  i am extremely uncomfortable in a tidy room as a matter of fact, and will often festoon hotels and offices i spend time in with random bits of flotsam and jetsom just to keep myself at an even keel.  now my room will be clean, at least for a bit.  but how to get rid of these bastardos?
apparently even the neat and tidy in my city are falling prey to these horrible little devils.  my kingdom for a can of DDT.  i don't intend on breeding so it can mutate my chromosomes 'til the cows come home just save me from g.d. bedbugs already!!  and the bite i have that is really infected, well they cultured it and we will have to wait and see if it is MSRA and or what.  i'm on 200 mg of Doxycycline a day and of course it makes me feel disgustor. I hate high dose antibiotics.  I was on them for like a month when I had lyme disease and it was just terrible.  Why do I always have miserable yucky bullsh*t ailments?

WHINE.  well anyway we do have a wee bit of GOOD NEWS!!!

I mostly found a job.  It's in the same building where I worked the majority of the last three years, Solaria in Riverdale.   I like it.  The doorman are cool and i like the fitness room.  and my russian children live there.  i love them.  here's a picture of the little russian girl i was spending everyday with.  she's the blondie.  over the time i was with her she learned to read and add and subtract and multiple and divide and beg change for ice cream and hula hoop and run fast and climb trees.  i like her.  i like being a nanny.  i hope the baby is a good baby

the new kid is (i think) a boy and he is definitely eight weeks old. i sit for  them for the first time this week. they have a dog and his name jackson and he is very cute and he barks a lot.

what else... ok me and brian cleaned my room two million billion degress from dirty and i sprayed poison of bed bugs everywhere.  now i'm eating lunch.  then i start forty thousands lbs of laundry.

Dittocat is home!!! my little prince is curled up beside me once again. he was covered in ticks and very skinny upon his return (from a month long sabbatical in upstate new york) and the ticks are sorted out now and he's attacking the cat food and resting a lot. good to have him home.

i cleaned the turtle tank and bought the turtle food.

i went thrift store shopping with SIS1 and got a bunch of cute stuff! specifically a new long jean skirt, a red cardigan that is adorable, and a black silk victorian high collared shirt with small lacquered buttons up one shoulder.

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