Monday, May 24, 2010

can't sleep :(

gonna try eating a piece of awesome toast.

this is seriously the best bread ever.

if this doesn't do the job i don't know what to do...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

good and grand

this is grand:  instant fun

fun is fun.  today was fun too!  well first of all today was tired because i didn't get home from babysitting until like 12:30pm last night and then i had to get on a train and a shuttle bus and train and the greyhound bus and then come to albany.  Please note that greyhound totally SUCKS!  they sold me an e-ticket, and i selected to print it out, and it was supposed to come in my email, but it never did, and they said i  but it was worth it because i got to hang out with LILY! last night and she is awesome.

why did i go through all this traveling and waking up early and whatnot?  because TODAY is GRANDMA MURIEL'S 90th birthday!  my mom made an awesome cake, my cousin bethany made a neat slideshow of old pictures that made lotsa people cry, and I got to see all my paternal cousins( minus Ravi who was on his honeymoon and my brother Lank who is in Israel, and who I miss very much).  I had a fabulous time hanging out with the little people... my second cousin who i thought was my niece but anyway Ravi's daughter Kohana who is beautiful and sweet and who kept saying "hi" over and over to me, Annika (my precious niece who i love to bits and pieces)  and Nathan, who was instrumental in keeping the girls entertained and who is a little gentleman who held the door for me.  It was a fabulous day and I loved it.

My sister Kara came to me with a paraplegic infant squirrel problem which I was able to solve for her with minimal difficulty.  Big thanks to my beloved Papa for the assist.

awesome pictures i stole from my sister mirmir!

Are my cousins gorgeous or what?

I ate a salad with chicken. It was awesome.  Annika stole lots of chicken from me, but I love her so it's ok.  I also stole some of her chicken fingers so we are even.
Man I love my family :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

they might be giants, here comes the science!

check this out! 
TMBG (my favorite nerd band) is doing science videos and i love love love them :)

i will give you one more and if you love them as much as i love them then go watch the rest on youtube

i'm gonna show these to the kids i babysit for :)

in other news, here's a new tree frog that was recently discovered in australia 

(Litoria sp. nov.)

i like his pointy nose.

i would like to wish my jewish readers a happy shavuot.  well anyone who appreciates the torah actuallly :)  okay here's some pictures!  because i have insomnia.

and before i leave and say g'night
i also want to show you this bracelet by ayaka nishi because i love it.

and some most amazing sculpture by 3d artist and designed anthony santella of Minnesota.

hmm.  what else.  finished an isaac bashevis singer book today, meshugah. it as really good but the end was dissatisfying. still, in the middle, the main character (who is a writer) tells his lover they should write a book name "three" wherein three people love each other and live outside of conventional arrangement... and that is the title and premise of my book! i was floored by that. singer is one of my favorite writers of all time and wow, i feel like i cannot change the title now. and i may take his harlot/angel character's name either for a pseudonym or for my protagonists given name. something to consider anyway. tonight i'm reading a book called "Iodine" by a Haven Kimmel. Very good so far. schitzophrenic but good. reminds me of my stumbles in the labyrinthine snarls of literary and/or critical theory. some days i kissed myself and say "thank g-d we've escaped academia." but other days i miss it terribly.

i'm working on the book quite a bit. 46 pages in two days. today i didn't do any editing on Three because i needed to do editing for the pink ponies (my writing group), even though I won't be able to attend tomorrow because i am sitting for Russian Anna and her three children. I have to collect them from disparate parts of northern riverdale and then corral them home, feed and dress them and then take the two eldest to karate.

i am suffering truly from insomnia and wish i had some  valerian root or melatonin capsules.  i took some benadryl.  seems stupid because i don't have allergies but whatever its all i've got here to help me.  body is so tired but mind refuses to give up. last night i couldn't put myself down until 4. better luck this time i hope.

World Famous Design Junkies » Skull Within Mask

World Famous Design Junkies » Skull Within Mask

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


someone pierced a tree in mccarren park in brooklyn.  it is funny and sort of nsfw.

dios mios i'm tired.  i have a very exciting date on saturday with a boy who seems great on paper.  so here's hoping.  i want to find someone t hang out with regularly, cook for, be stupid around, fart on, whatever.  who likes doing stuff that i think is fun.  and this fellow, without me suggesting nothing, offered to meet me at the park to sit on a blanket and eat fruit.  sweeeeeeeeet!

Saturday, May 8, 2010



Funny Food Photos - Viking Melon
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um guys...  so i couldn't sleep welll last night so instead i slept late today.  now i feel a bad case of lazies.  i want to go to the bank and get quarters and wash my stinkin clothes.  but i doubt that will happen.

tonight is the housewarming party for my dear friend doug!  he is moving with foley, of dingle-fame.  i am heading down to saigon, brooklyn, for an evening's worth of drinky silly party fun.   i am bringing them gifts: a basil seedling and a tomato seedling. i would give each a week before they sucuumb to bacheloritis (the plants not the two fellas) but doug has a wonderful gf Leah who i adore and she is a vegan and g-d knows they love plants.  or maybe they really hate plants?  i eat chicken and i hate chickens.  so maybe?  hmm.  but i don't eat JUST chicken.  so i think we can assume vegans really super-hate vegetables.

okay that's just about enough lazy for today.  on to the good stuff.  like doing work and going to the gym.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

today's my day off, and i'm loving it

but i also love my job. sophie and chloe are awesome, rollerskating is awesome, discussing things with them and their friends is awesome because they have very fresh perspectives.  i love going to the playground, i love making things with children, cooking with them, reading with them. I even like making food for them.   It is pretty sweet.

woot.  i did laundry and took care of my animals and did dishes and mopped the kitchen and stuff!  now i am going to go for a run when my ipod is charged.  i always forget to charge it.  i had a fool's errand i went to the gym, went on the rower for like ten minutes then my ipod died, then i went to my house, realized i left my keys on the machine at the gym, went to the gym got the keys, came  home and now i don't wanna go back.  so i'll go running it's a beautiful day here in the bronx!  i really like living on a parkway because there are so many trees.  (especially ones with flowers ).  alright.  i think ill drink some water the i'm gone :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

today is a special day

well, yeah they all are but i am very happy not to have to go to work today.  today i'm having a picnic or walk in the park with this one and then later meeting up with this one for  a meal or a drink.  this morning i had breakfast with brian and tidied my room.  while i'm in manhattan i'm gonna stop at the nyu health center.  quick tip for new yorkers:  sign in with the guard, say your picking something up from the pharmacy for your sister.  then go to the third floor, take a left out of the elevator and walk into the sexual health center and the wall on your left will have bins of free condoms and lubes and dental dams.  all sizes!!  it's very good.  i also have to go to walgreens.  apparently if you fill a script with medicaid you can't get it refilled at another pharmacy, even if it's the same chain.  poop on that.  but i needs my pills so i will do there.

before i leave i need to prepare my submission for this week's Pink Ponies (my writing group).  i've been steadily submitting the novel in progress but this is the first time they are going to see the final thirty pages so i'm excited.  then i take all their notes and my notes and my (literary agent) sister's notes and make the BIG OLD FINAL DRAFT and send it to the editors and agents my sister thinks will dig it.  then i get my millions.  yay.

i also need to do floor work (abs, pushups, leg lifts stuff like that.)  i don't know if i have time for cardio as well but we shall see.