Friday, October 30, 2009

greetings, my glorious goofballs

i'm on a short break while getting in my writing for the day.  will you buy my novel when it comes out?  you ought to, i've heard it is very good and getting even better.

today i went to the palisades mall with my roommate to do a bit of shopping.  I got a new leather jacket for my birthday (Nov. 2nd) from my father :)  I am very happy.  it looks very snazzy.  I also got the central prop for my (secret) halloween costume and two Hanukka gifts for my nieces.

when i got home i re-dyed my hair, helped proofread and edit some documents, cleaned my turtle (Lahsanna's) tank, and then set about doing some work on my book.
tomorrow I go to Chinatown, NY then bus it to Chinatown, Philly.  Big party with some BME friends tomorrow.  I love Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

long time no post

I wrote 3071 words of my novel yesterday.  Today I didn't write any words.  I was tired.  dittocat was sick last night!  he had the sh!ts and kept me up.  I still woke up early and went to my gym and forced a hard workout outta this here bag 'o bones I inhabit.
Then I came home and convinced my roommate to make me lunch-huzzah for double cheese grilled cheese!

We watched Seinfeld and I edited my friend's new novel chapter for my writing group tonight.  Then I went down to mid-town to meet up with my beloved papa.  On sis1's recommendation we ate at Tir Na Nog (an Irish restaurant and pub) by Madison Square Garden.  The whole area outside the Garden was hopping, with tons of security and paparazzi, so i guess there was a big concert there tonight.  At the restaurant I had salmon with fennel and pepper over risotto.  Quite delicious.  Oh and I also enjoyed a Hoegarden and shared a creme brulee (my first ever!) with my father.  During supper we talked about his meeting with the Insurance Superintendent and about a few things with the Collateral Loan Broker's Association.  We talked about my hopes to find a significant other and gainful employment, and about my cats stomach troubles.  We talked about my impending birth day (Nov. 2nd) and we talked about hospital bills.  I like visiting with my father very much!  After we ate we had a few minutes and went to visit one of the pawn broker's.  My father introduced me to Mr. Ross, who is 81 years old and still working full-time!  Mr. Ross was kind enough to show me his vault and also his vintage photographs are of old Pawn Broker's Association Annual Meetings.  The picture from 1906 at the Hotel Savoy was my favorite.  The men all have the same magnificent mustache it seems, and they are all making the same "this-is-my-serious-face" expression.

Following that visit I was off on the A train for W4 st. to meet up with the Pink Ponies, my fabulous writing group.  We were sidelined for a few minutes by the lack of available seating. They turned the downstairs of the TeaSpot into a wine and tapas bar!! Just what the world needs  Now we are in the market for a new place to meet, on the East side of Manhattan preferably, with wi-fi, available seating, and also plugs for laptop power cords.  We used to meet in the Cafe at Balducci's but it was very cold and then of course it closed.  We have been meeting alternately at Cafe Mocha on the East Side and the Tea Spot on the West, but Mocha lacks electrical outlets, and the Tea Spot now lacks seating.  Botheration!!

I read a book on the train today about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was a very quick and interesting read and I would recommend it.  I like literature and fiction about cults.  I'm not sure why.  I think it is interesting.  I ponder how it is that an organization or religion gets the label "cult" when other similar religions or organizations are never labeled as such.  I am of the personal opinion (after research beyond this one text) that the FLDS was, and may still be, detrimental to the health and well-being of women and children.
I have also had an interest in polygamy since 12th grade Participation in Government Class, where I presented a bill to our mock-legislature which argued for the repeal of anti-bigamy legislation.  I did that mainly because I wanted a spicy topic, but it got me interested in this lifestyle and its permutations throughout history and in various cultural milieus. My thoughts on the topic are varied and I'm far too tired to go into them now but we can discuss it some other time if you like.
I want some ramen, but it's late and I'm tired.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello my lovelies

Today I am a very sore and tired Oni!  Sunday's workout was extremely intense and my trainer is insane.  I hate that second-day-after soreness from weightlifting.  makes me want to go to sleep.

Last night I went out to the 12th St Ale House on 2nd avenue.  I like that bar, and I have a slight crush on one of the bartenders.  My company for the evening were the venerable mr. foley (he is my longest running drinking buddy and a fabulous fellow, you'll see more of him on these pages later, and his good friend Max, who I believe I may have met before, but I'm not sure.  Foley makes a wonderful web comic, and you can read it if you click that link there with his name on it.

We had a few drinks and then parted ways, Max going to a friend's couch to crash and foley and myself taking off for Ridgewood.  We then visited with ms. kiwi in vietnam (an affection name for Kiwi and Timbo's apartment.)  Foley told a fantastical story (plot for a new novel if I recall correctly), I went out on the fire escape and looked at the sky, and I wrote some in my little notebook.  After many hours I fell asleep on the couch in the redroom.  In the morning Timbo came home from his work and we watched the Maltese Falcon.  Welll I didn't watch the whole thing because it was time for me to head home.  I need to work on my novel today.  It's called Three.  I think you will like it when I get it done.

Today I am very tired as well.  For breakfast I had a McDonald's milk shake and a chicken salad.  Now I am going to make a big ole pot of chicken soup with matzoh balls.  not a good day to be a chicken.

oh, have you ever tried chicken and waffles?  if you are in new york head up to amy ruth's in harlem and get some.  amazing.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tonight I went to see the kids I used to watch.  I love them very much.  I miss nannying.  It was a positive part of my life for so long. II miss the energy, the love, the excitement of being around little people.  I even miss the neighborhood, and my hour and half commute through other parts of the BX and Manhattan. 
I will probably get another job in Riverdale.  Probably in the same condo. Tthe people across the hall have an eight week old they would like me to watch.  Five other parents approached me and took my card during the party, after seeing me diffuse fights, lead an arts and craft project, silence everybody and get them to sit still for the cake, and other assorted nannyish activities.


that's luka.  he's very "hyper."  i like him.  he has a zest for life.

And here is andrushka.  i love his jacket.  it's amazing.

Most of the kids I worked with speak English and Russian, or English and Turkish, or English and Chinese, or English and Russian and Georgian, or English and Hebrew.  They dance, sing, do gymnastics, swim, go to language schools, study instruments, do yoga and go to theater camps.  It is good to be little and so loved and lavished upon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

YAWN and stretch

greetings and salutations my dear readers.  tonight i am very sleepy oni.  i have been burning the proverbial candle at both ends of late.  i may retreat into the batcave (aka my bronx apartment) for a weekend of reading, writing, exercise, and tea.  I have social obligations but my obligation is of course to my self first. 

good adventure today.  went with my dear friend Cere to visit Brooklyn Boulders, an awesome indoor climbing gym in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn.  The place was amazing!!

I would like to celebrate my birthday with my friends there,  perhaps on the weekend of the seventh?  My birthday is actually the second but that is a Monday.  and the weekend just prior is of course halloween and people get partied out.  so we'll see.

It was my first time rockclimbing and cere taught me how to tie the ropes and belay and i was the human ballast for his climb and he for mine.  I felt like a puny weakling though working with the ropes but overall I think I held my own. It was exhilirating to climb to the top!  I climbed a bunch of walls, at fist just using whatever had holds and then mastering the 5.5 beginner wall.  My triceps feel very tired now.

after rock climbing we headed to the east village for an indian dinner to celebrate the birthday of my friend Liz.  Cere, Liz, myself and Liz's BF Kevin had a wonderful meal and good conversation.  The restaurant was on 1st avenue, somewhere near st. mark's place.  I didn't catch the name but it was a tiny place with tons of disco lights and festive decorations adorning its low five-and-a-half foot high ceiling.  Oh wait I found it!  It's called Royal Bangladesh.  It's located at 93 1st avenue.  It was a greasy spoon Indian joint that was so small and packed it felt like I was on some mad little ship.  The whole place seems to lean to one side and that's without me BYOBing any beer or wine.  But the staff was friendly and helpful.  And I just checked their health inspection violations and not too bad for NYC cheap eats (25 pts on their April 9 inspection, 2009).  Curry kills germs anyway, right?  Next time I order spicy.

I walked to union square to catch the five train and headed home.  I'm happy and healthy and sore and tired and eager for tomorrow, when I will a) clean my room b) hit the gym but just for cardio c)work on my novel (It's called Three. and is steadily nearing completion) and d) attend the seventh birthday party of a girl I took care of from age 4 to age 6.  It should be a blast so here's hoping!

smell ya later :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm at cafe mocha in the east village, eating toast with jam

it's been quite some time, hasn't it my lovelies?  Long story, but here I am again presenting my addled adventures for you amusement and edification.  it's strawberry jam, on my toast.  it has a hint of garlic too it.  msut be the fellow didn't clean the panini press before toasting my roll.  i don't mind.  confluence of flavors.

i've been to visit my family this past weekend.  such a blessing to be loved and love my people so completely!  highlights of the visit were time spent with my nieces, thier mother, my mother and their uncle. and watching fiddler on the roof with my papa and brother and my papa's gf.  i used to play matchmaker matchmaker with my cousins rachel and bethany. 
i also attended an engagement party for my dear cousin boo boo, who was my favorite little boy cousin when i was a wee little girl.  we went a luncheon at Zaika in clifton park and it was absolutely a perfect affair, great food, service, regale appointments in the dining space, just lovely.
i sometimes wish the choice of my future mate could be removed form my sphere of influence because i am weary of it.  The man i've spent the most time beside, whom I made a home with, with whom I saw my future unfolding, is now my best friend and very far away.  it is cliched but impending birthday brings to mind all sorts of where-am-i in-my-life, what-am-i doing-and-with-whom sort of questions.  My next steps are a complete unknown, even to me.  I would like a steady partner with whom i feel on an equal footing and well respected.  it doesn't seem much to ask but could prove difficult.  human interaction is extremely complicated and exhausting.

my mama made a kipa for my brother, so i asked her to make one for lizabella, who is my little pif from when i was five.

I've had lizabella since I was five.  She's like... 21 going on 22.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

why helllllllllloooooo there

ohio.  today was pretty ok.  i spent the morning with my nieces, annika and maggie.  i like them kiddoodles a whole heck of a lot.  also spent some time with the momster, then came over here to my pop's house.  i went to dinner with my sister and her in laws, papa, my brother lank and papa's friend regina.  we went to the macaroni grill and that place was kind of suck.  some little girls were talking to me and they tried to give me a hair ribbon.   when i was in the bathroom they were whispering to each other by the sinks "hey the girl voice lady is here!"

now i'm drinking Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.  It is sawwwwwweeeeeet.  I vote pumkin ale for president!!

In other news... i got a bikini in the mail.  soon as i get the body to go in it i will post better pics.

i also got a wee little haircut. if you are in east greenbush, ny and you need a haircut you should go see richard at supercuts in the target plaza.  target plaza is actually in north greenbush i believe, to be more exact.  richard works there on saturdays... and maybe other days but i don't know.   i did a buttload of laundry as well.

ok bye :)
thanks for the support

Friday, October 16, 2009

i spy with my little eye something....

So I'm getting ready to go to Albany.  Gonna see my mama tonight and my niece annika and my brother and my sister and awesome.

I don't have anything to write.  Cuz I'm sleepy.

BLAAAAAA----DOW! $%^& You have a blister, mister.

evening ya'll.  I have boringness to update on account of illness.  I am going to be fine though, and I finally got the motherflupping bedbugs out of my spot (I hope!!)  hmmm what else.  my cat is amazingly cute.  i found his lizard during the big ROOMCLEAN 2009.  He's had the lizard since a million years ago, when we lived in the woods with Mr.Prvrt.
i am presently procrastinating.  i washed 5 loads of laundry... yes that's $12.50 amerikkkan.   gahldurnit.  i ain't got this kind of money.  but i had to wash everything on account of the bedbugs.  i still have another 5 to go... but i ran out of quarters.

i always forget my password for two websites.  one of them is my verizon pix  and i'm trying to get you guys some pics off my cell phone.  do you have a secret for remembering your passwords?  do share.

i bring you a feature called :

by Oni
febuary 28th 2008

I wear makeup today so they can't see me. Bus full of faces streets full of faces city full of faces and pigeons and destroyed umbrellas growing like mushrooms from the mud. pigeon pigeon bus stop.

I hear Spanish everyday. why can't i understand it? I have a large vocabulary in Spanish, but nouns are not enough to constitute a language, nor knowledge thereof.  I have vocabulary from many, many languages.  I have argots aplenty too.  I am not an expert.

rocks. botanical gardens. has been sleeping winter since I moved here. cars cars pass like animate objects. I guess there's people in there. there are people in this bus. they have lives and kids and shoulder bags and sneakers and sideburns and MP3 players.

But if you got hit by this bus it would be described as a single entity. you were hit by a bus. not hit by fifty seven people. maybe you were hit by the bus driver? that is one way to put it. there is always more than one way to put it. huh that's the trouble i guess.

they're building something huge at forham plaza. could be a mall. it is a mall i already know that.
free newspaper man handing out daily news in front of the Metro North railroad station. they built that station for fordham university. maybe they are building the mall for fordham too?

they built the subways to my neighborhood because this morris guy built a racetrack there. It fell into disuse, and after bad fires when the Bronx was burning, the race track was destroyed. the city bought the four miles of track and the neighborhood was solidified. it is a long way from manhattan where my school is. it's a long way from my job in the west bronx.

ah i'm tired of this narrative.

grand concourse and east fordham road. shoes jewelry churros kid's clothes pigeons. mobile command unit for nypd. cell phone store. giant signs everywhere. unceasing swells of people across crosswalks with the lights. i'm running out of pencil. car service cars everywhere.

those mannequins have huge tits. the bus is shaking up to the next red light.

i have boogers. we're under the four train. i hate my body i hate my thighs lower stomach and sometimes my nose. not just because of boogers.
guess because i always meant to want a white gentile nose all tiny and turned up at the end and cute and shit.

fuck lot of good cute's done me.
i'm meant to be reading beckett right now.

there are yellow lines everywhere.  
they stand out to me today. on the road on the floor of the bus on the stoplight an awning the rim of a cap the line of the old guy's scarf.

big church outside. i like to bite the pencil. after i bite it i can feel the pressure echo in my teeth. i don't like it when people bite me. i bite my own hand, often.

ghetto johnny depp just got on. bumping latin hop hop on his cell phone. i was listening to the bus ride! but it's full of people sounds noises and this another.

vivero. chicken chicken frightened goat.  rabbit rabbit and a goose.

now over the 207th street bridge the Harlem river gray with brown swimming underneath it.

giant trainyard.
get it together oni!

207 and 10th ave.
transfer is available to the 1 train blue car ambulance hamburger joint. elevated train carniceria puerto rican and dominican babershops blaring radio blazing neon in the sunlight.

it's cold outside i didn't want to take my hands out of my pocket. i was couldn't get my notebook. i was cold. my legs felt like they do when i don't have no pants on outside in the cold. but i had jeans on. i checked to see if something was wrong with my jeans. there were seagulls everywhere.

i'm on the next bus now. i saw a seagull with bread in his beak. he flew onto a roof of a building to eat it. the buildings are mostly crumbly old. some look like they could stand forever. we are going over another bridge. broadway over the harlem river again back to the Bronx.

a wheelchair person is coming on the bus. i am almost out of pencil. if i push lighter it will last but i can hardly read it.

Gosh.  I'm still trying to open up that stupid account on verizon wireless.


Now I'm going to close the night out with ANOTHER NEW FEATURE (sorry for all the mindblowing advances this evening... unparalleled adventure and inspirado.

today we are featuring robin tunney, who i fell for in Empire Records.  I saw her tonight on some television show called (according to my roomate) "the mentalist."  whatever.  she's pretty.  so she's our first friday's finest.



we got turned on to her by happenstance, when my 2nd eldest sister's (aka sis2's) friend told me that there was this movie, called empire records, and the actress in it (Jennifer Tilley) has a tiny voice like you ONI!!!

so there we go.  and when i decide to shave my head the first time (circa....  2007? i think that's the first time we went down to bic level...?) it was in homage to her beautifulness.

ok.  in closing, i would like to thank my roomate brian for his eternal dish-doing/stuff-finding abilities, my darling Ewaen for staying in the hospital with me all night the other night because he's amazing, dittocat b/c he sleeps in a circle holding his eyes like oy vey i've had enough of this light!, sobeiski polish wodka, and my daddy just because i love him so much.

does anybody know where my ipod is?   last i seen it was in queens ny.  i do believe.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i babysat for a kid who thought verizon wireless was the capital of minnesota

hai guise.  ut ohs.  I have bed bugs AND one of the bed bug bites got really infected and UGHGHGHGH.  my room is in shambles.  brian is the best roommate and we spent the morning tearing the room up and vacuuming the shit out of everything and throwing away two thousands lbs of rubbish.  i am not a tidy person, no not at all.  i am extremely uncomfortable in a tidy room as a matter of fact, and will often festoon hotels and offices i spend time in with random bits of flotsam and jetsom just to keep myself at an even keel.  now my room will be clean, at least for a bit.  but how to get rid of these bastardos?
apparently even the neat and tidy in my city are falling prey to these horrible little devils.  my kingdom for a can of DDT.  i don't intend on breeding so it can mutate my chromosomes 'til the cows come home just save me from g.d. bedbugs already!!  and the bite i have that is really infected, well they cultured it and we will have to wait and see if it is MSRA and or what.  i'm on 200 mg of Doxycycline a day and of course it makes me feel disgustor. I hate high dose antibiotics.  I was on them for like a month when I had lyme disease and it was just terrible.  Why do I always have miserable yucky bullsh*t ailments?

WHINE.  well anyway we do have a wee bit of GOOD NEWS!!!

I mostly found a job.  It's in the same building where I worked the majority of the last three years, Solaria in Riverdale.   I like it.  The doorman are cool and i like the fitness room.  and my russian children live there.  i love them.  here's a picture of the little russian girl i was spending everyday with.  she's the blondie.  over the time i was with her she learned to read and add and subtract and multiple and divide and beg change for ice cream and hula hoop and run fast and climb trees.  i like her.  i like being a nanny.  i hope the baby is a good baby

the new kid is (i think) a boy and he is definitely eight weeks old. i sit for  them for the first time this week. they have a dog and his name jackson and he is very cute and he barks a lot.

what else... ok me and brian cleaned my room two million billion degress from dirty and i sprayed poison of bed bugs everywhere.  now i'm eating lunch.  then i start forty thousands lbs of laundry.

Dittocat is home!!! my little prince is curled up beside me once again. he was covered in ticks and very skinny upon his return (from a month long sabbatical in upstate new york) and the ticks are sorted out now and he's attacking the cat food and resting a lot. good to have him home.

i cleaned the turtle tank and bought the turtle food.

i went thrift store shopping with SIS1 and got a bunch of cute stuff! specifically a new long jean skirt, a red cardigan that is adorable, and a black silk victorian high collared shirt with small lacquered buttons up one shoulder.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pee pee five one doo doo

your stalwart blogmistress here, sad at the sorry state of health care in our United States.  i spent last night in the er at Jacobi hospital, waited six hours to see a very harried (cute) resident, then waited six more hours to see a dermatologist.  I ahve some sort of itchy bumps. like on my back, armpit, legs, and tummy.  now comes the mystery of trying to figure out what they are.  i have no insurance.  life is kind of crapping on my head.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the whirlwind is in the thorntree

Hey there cat's and kittens.  Today's post will be a multifaceted adventure.  Last night's I went to May's place sushi, and I got to see my friend shawn porter and his lovely girlfriend Claire to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.  Congratulations to a favorite couple.  Then I hung out with Mike Beer for a bit then I went to Astoria.  I left my phone there like a dummy.

I was by my friends' car this morning and there were a bunch of condom wrappers all around, and a used condom right by the tire.  We decided that someone must have a hot time of it out in the street last night.  Super gross.  Then we drove away and I heard a little bang sound on the roof and my friend was all "What was that?"  I said i don't know maybe a squirrel threw rocks at you.  It's not your day.  My friend said "maybe it was thee squirrel fucking on my car too!"  and i said "but squirrels don't wear condoms."  and then i drew a silly picture of a gansta squirrel being all like "yo shorty i don't need no rubber.  you know i'm clean girl."  and the legend SQUIRRELS DONT WEAR CONDOMS.  i want to make it a t-shirt.  maybe i'll let you see the picture if i feel inspired to hook up the scanner.

In other news, I was wondering if anyone would like to by some fused glass pendants i made.  this is what they look like:


i will sell them to you for $10.00 each if you like them.  you can email me at ***************************cheesy enchilada, with ground turkey.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

i'm a prarie dog

onitime picture show

here's some movies or vid clips i made or was in:

i wrote this one with jordan c. greenhalgh and you can see more about it at

now this movie is called broth and it is a music video for a mike thompson song.  me and jordan and mr. prvrt made it.

you should watch the rest of jordan's movies too cuz they are good.

here are some videos that i made.

this one is a singing and dressing to an Arrah and the Ferns song.  i love Arrah and the Ferns and I am sad they broke up

ad here's another arrah and the ferns song...  iam wearing my swimming suit my papa bought me in florida this past winter.
you get ot see my turtle.  her name is lahsanna.  she's a boy.  she bites.

okay that's it for today's onitime picture show.  hope you folks had a nice time :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

someone is playing the violin in the apartment below mine.

Greetings, my beloved blogfollowers.  Last night I took the road most traveled and went to karaoke, even though I knew it was likely a very poor move in terms of my health and my financial well being.  I ended up in Astoria, staying over with my dear friend Kelly.

First things first.  I met with my papa at the Hyatt near Grand Central.  We talked for a bit and he brought me my laptop, which is back in my ever-lovin' arms again and at least semi-operable, due to the ministrations of my saintly and long suffering eldest sister. 
We then adjourned to a late lunch/early supper at Osteria Laguna.   We both ordered the  Crema De Piselle Gamberini, which was an absolutely lovely pea soup with sautéed shrimps.  Delightful.  Then I had the Caprese salad with imported buffalo mozzarella and it was just heavenly.  Papa ordered the Culatello con Finocchi Arance e Olio di Rafano, a salad of mixed greens and prosciutto that he found not at all to his liking due to the chef's predilection for raw onion interspersed irreparably throughout the dish. 
During our meal we discussed such unpleasant topics as my unemployment and recent poor health, but always with an eye toward the future and my prospects going forward.  He surprised me with a sweet card bearing the visage of a very wise looking old pig, with a quote from François de La Rochefoucauld (writer) (1613-1680):

The height of cleverness
is being able to conceal it. 

I do love my father and find him to be the most encouraging, honest and faithful ally one could ever want.

My father and I during our January trip to Florida, pictured here at the famed Columbia Restuarant in Ybor city, the old cuban quarter of Tampa.  If you ever have opportunity to dine there, I send you on highest recommendation.  I had the some of the best food of my life that evening, and the brilliantly appointed dining areas, as well as the overall architectural beauty of the building, are simply not to be missed.

Franklins Tower - The Grateful Dead

This song was the soundtrack for that adventure, but that's all a story for another day.

After dinner and coffee (they had lovely little cookies with the coffee at Osteria Laguna, I recommend them) we walked to the train and I went on the A.C.E. line and he went back to Albany.  Both of my parents live upstate, as do all of my four siblings.  You'll meet them all next weekend when I go home for a follow up with my surgeon.

I took the A train to W4th and made my way to The Tea Spot, site of my regular Thursday evening Writer's Group.  While in line to pay for my tea (I had the pumkin something roobios and it was delightful) a young man came up to me and asked if I was a voice actress.  I explained that I had done some radio work in the past, when I livedin Albany during undergrad, and that I had done some small indepedent film work as well.  He explained that he was involved in some sort of music production and would liek my contact information so that he might record my voice at some point.  When my friend Amy arrived she knew him from her work at a magazine they both write for, so I figured I would give him my contact information.  We shall see if anything comes of it.

After the workshop (my darling Scott was up for critique, with the final chapters of his outrageous and wonderful new novel Bergdorf Boy being presented) we stayed in the shop for a bit and wrote.  A nice boy gave me a brownie but it was orange flavored and I didn't care for it at all.  I had texts from several friends who were over at the 12th Street Ale House, our regular hang out.  I decided I would come over for just one tiny teensy little drink.  You all know how that goes.  Soon found myself in the basement karaoke parlour of the LemonGrass Grill, accompanied by my stalwart companions, Blythe, Doug, Foley, Kelly and her wonderful new boyfriend Mike, who works at the Bronx Zoo (by my apartment.)  I messed up TWO salt 'n pepa songs, but mostly watched everybody do their thing.  Drunken karaoke is always an adventure.

I do believe it was around 1AM when we finally rolled out, Doug, Kel, me and Mike in a cab with a very confused driver.  We made it to kelly's place in astoria and then proceeded to the grocery store for unecessary beers and boisterous stumbly fun through the aisles, alleyways, and sidewalks of Queens.  Back again at the apartment we settled down to watch some RIDICULOUS silliness on youtube (see below) and then went to bed.

The morning found me very early awake with a horrible headache and likely still drunk.  Mike was going to the zoo so I caught a ride with him.  I realized I'd misplaced my metrocard and walked the half mile to my house on very stumbly legs, ate some cocoa puffs, and took a nap.

don't watch this garbage if you are easily offended:

alright i'm out. laterz