Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rosebud Girls GO HARD!!

Flowering tobacco

Tmtaamjtt wavehill

exploring succulents

gorgeous greenhouse



The girls and I spent about an hour looking at cacti today at Wavehill (public garden in the northwest Bronx.)  We sketched and took pictures and shared our excitement over these alien-looking plants!

That's a biiiiiig leaf!

elf house

we built an elf house today.  big soft leaves for carpet, squash blossom petals for beds, acorns for cups...  good times.  sophie built them a walled off garden to store a collection of teeny tiny flowers.

I taught the girls about pollination and we visited (from afar) the apiary at wavehill, as well as the gardens where the bees feasted.  Then we saw and tasted different types of honey in the gift shop.


Tmtaamjtt beachday yesterday after gym and errands. V. Nice. Swam a mile or so. Weekdays are the best, no crowds. Today im back @ work. Feeling mighty sleepy.


beachday yesterday after gym and errands. V. Nice. Swam a mile or so. Weekdays are the best, no crowds. Today im back @ work. Feeling mighty sleepy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

fun @ work

we designed accessories for barbie
we had some fun with photobooth too!


b00kman! Under the one train 231st and bway. G00d selection, art bo0ks n strange finds.


 the other day i found a single rose on the steps of my bldg. Secret admirer stuff?
 I cant find my ipod. Sad face.

bus blogging

 i can has sleeps n0w? There is a cricket chirping s0mewhere 0n this bus. How 0dd!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


baahdahdadada dadadadahdah fairway!
2010/07/24 16:22 yesteday was my first day off from the gym and i needed it but today was hard hard hard back in the gym first i ran a fast mile but not that fast and i felt like i was dying. then i did interval circuit training focusing on abs chest and back alternated with jump rope, bike and sprints. hour workout, felt like five. ran home and up to my fourth floor aptartment and fell on the floor and wheezed for like ten minutes beforei could move again feel like a rung out wash rag

oh well. gonna go to the market with brian now. GRWOCERIES!!! we go to fairway in pelham manor. ilove it b/c they have good prices, british candy, cheap frozen fruit, and free samples. today we get to by a new canister of olive oil fairway has like eight million varieties and you can try before you buy. olive is the only oil we use in my house so we buy in bulk.

ugh i'm still weak. maybe i'll get bri to stop at the habibi store so i can get some coconut water and not pass out.

ok ttyl

 ditto is too hot he wants to kill everyone

me and brian jsut figured out how to fix my bird necklace which is my favorite bird necklace!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

garden growing wild

GOOD NEWS GUYS!  i get to stay in my apartment.  came to an agreement with the landlord, very reasonable rent.  this is nice and relives a buncha stress for brian and i.  here's some more pics of the garden.  we have basil, tomato, catnip, oregano and strawberry plants.

in other news, i'm making great progress with my novel, three, and expect it to be completely done with my second and final round of edits by the close of the month.

other important things to do this month include: work, attend doctor's appointments as scheduled, read more literature and less trash, clean my room, attend kickboxing more often, wake up earlier and go to bed earlier and what else?  who knows.  it'll come to me.

tonight i'm having dinner with mir-mir at ATHNOS in manhattan.  It's restaurant week and it should be just lovely.  i'll let ya'll know what I think of it.

i really need to shower.  i should also do laundry but i'm not sure there is time.  i have an appointment at 5:45 near fordham plaza and i best get my things together and do my edits for the day.  i already did my exercise to the tune of 5k of running and 5k of biking.  the latter was much easierthan the former!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

so it's 90 degrees in the living room

we've a got three-fan situation going

so.  i'll have a story for ya'll later if i get around to it.  just took a break form the book and walked to the gas station, got a diet pepsi, and then found some books in the basement recycling bin.  score.  jerzy kosinski, aldous huxley, and

jean paul sarte.  not a bad haul.

Blogger Mobile Post

big bounty from the fire escape

D0nt kn0w who is pissing in da stairs

but this has got to stop!! it's killing me with the stink.  we live in a nice building people!!  this is like the suburbs of the bronx and you're pissing in the hallway like it's the pj's???  what's wrong with this picture!?!  oh and the super doesn't clean it up for days!  makes me almost take the elevator.  but i don't want to get fat and lazy.  instead i get to smell pee pee.

100 POSTS!!!

HAPPY ONE HUNDREDTH POST!  hundredth was hard to spell.
100% pure Pictures, Images and Photos
it's party time over here at one and oni!  and how will we celebrate?

well perhaps the time for celebration has past, as i have been lazy in my bed all morning and now it is 1:39pm.  so maybe the best way to celebrate is by being productive!!

Don't WANNA 

ok so gym for running and lifting, then shower, then lunch, then work on the book, which is now 244 pages long double-spaced and super awesome. We are in our final editing push with only 70 or so pages left to go so let's just f***ing finish the thing and make millions or fail. 
Or do something in between (that's what i'm hoping for!!)

ok my ready readers.  i love you all for reading.  be sure to "follow" and comment on my blog because it makes me oh so happy :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The flowers look beautiful under the streetlamp

false starts

she woke with the sun, leaves plastered to her face by the sweat of her sleep.  she peeled them off her and combed twigs and detritus from her dark curly hair.  her hair was her favorite feature.  And it was her shining glory, most of the time, she wore it clean and long and redolent with the scent of lavender.  her hair was her protest song, it was her banner to march under, it was her rejection of the ideals of her upbringing.**@*@*#*@$()

got a small bag of rocks from the ocean.

Monday, July 12, 2010

herro blogland

still on the cape and having quite the time.  yesterday lank and mama and i tackled The Breakwater in Provincetown which was amile long rock jetty stretching out across the bay.  This involved lots of jumps and landings and scrambles and leaps and crawls, and MY MOM HANDLED IT ALL!  for those of you who don't know, my mom has Mysthenia Gravis which is a really sucky neuro-muscular disease.  her immune system basically gets over-active and tries to destroy her muscles.  When i was little she was sick frequently, like to the point she had to go to the hospital and be in a wheelchair or on a ventilator.  Well thank g-d treatment has improved and with the new experimental meds she's on have given me a new physically fit mama!!  she came to cape cod last summer for a conference and couldn't walk more than three hundred feet WITH a walker.  Now she was able to do this physically challenging rock wall with me and not slow me down at all. 

When we got to the other side of rock jetty my brother decided we should go on over to the beach on the other side of these dunes.  he was like, it's right over this hill guys come on, and he ran off.  my mom and i slogged through the deep sand to get to the beach, surprised by a new hill after each dune that crested.  we finally got there and i looked out over the ocean and i saw huge black storm cloud.  oh geez.  so my mom took a quick dip in the ocean to cool off and we headed back just as the rain started.  we had the mile of big rocks to cross in front of us, and now they were wet rocks and we were being pelted by rain. then the thunder started and mom told us to climb down into the rocks.  when that stopped we resumed our climb and jump and leap and crawl and walk and finally made it, just as the rain stopped.  it was quite a harrowing adventure and i was so proud of my mama :)

Today I ran FIVE MILES!!! I am totally amazed I didn't realize it was that far until I googled it when i got back here.  that's pretty fricken sweet.  I also worked on the book.  My mom is taking a nap and after that I think we should be headed to a beach for some late afternoon/evening swimming.  and i wanna get frozen yogurt.  my (2nd eldest) sister laura and her bf dave are here too which is nice :)

we are staying at cottage grove in eastham and i recommend it.  i like it here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

cape cod

vacationing with the momster and my brother lank.  good trip so far except my mama's sick. we are staying in a cute little cabin which totally reminds of the cottage i lived in with MR. PRVRT.  Is a good remembrance of a mostly good time.

today lank and i went bike riding from here (Eastham) to Marconi Beach'Marconi Beach Cliff', Limited Edition Photograph, Home Decor Artwork which is kind of very very gorgeous.  We rented bikes from the Orleans bike shop biked about 30 kilometers today and swam in the ocean.  Now I am going to do some work on my book.