Friday, October 16, 2009

BLAAAAAA----DOW! $%^& You have a blister, mister.

evening ya'll.  I have boringness to update on account of illness.  I am going to be fine though, and I finally got the motherflupping bedbugs out of my spot (I hope!!)  hmmm what else.  my cat is amazingly cute.  i found his lizard during the big ROOMCLEAN 2009.  He's had the lizard since a million years ago, when we lived in the woods with Mr.Prvrt.
i am presently procrastinating.  i washed 5 loads of laundry... yes that's $12.50 amerikkkan.   gahldurnit.  i ain't got this kind of money.  but i had to wash everything on account of the bedbugs.  i still have another 5 to go... but i ran out of quarters.

i always forget my password for two websites.  one of them is my verizon pix  and i'm trying to get you guys some pics off my cell phone.  do you have a secret for remembering your passwords?  do share.

i bring you a feature called :

by Oni
febuary 28th 2008

I wear makeup today so they can't see me. Bus full of faces streets full of faces city full of faces and pigeons and destroyed umbrellas growing like mushrooms from the mud. pigeon pigeon bus stop.

I hear Spanish everyday. why can't i understand it? I have a large vocabulary in Spanish, but nouns are not enough to constitute a language, nor knowledge thereof.  I have vocabulary from many, many languages.  I have argots aplenty too.  I am not an expert.

rocks. botanical gardens. has been sleeping winter since I moved here. cars cars pass like animate objects. I guess there's people in there. there are people in this bus. they have lives and kids and shoulder bags and sneakers and sideburns and MP3 players.

But if you got hit by this bus it would be described as a single entity. you were hit by a bus. not hit by fifty seven people. maybe you were hit by the bus driver? that is one way to put it. there is always more than one way to put it. huh that's the trouble i guess.

they're building something huge at forham plaza. could be a mall. it is a mall i already know that.
free newspaper man handing out daily news in front of the Metro North railroad station. they built that station for fordham university. maybe they are building the mall for fordham too?

they built the subways to my neighborhood because this morris guy built a racetrack there. It fell into disuse, and after bad fires when the Bronx was burning, the race track was destroyed. the city bought the four miles of track and the neighborhood was solidified. it is a long way from manhattan where my school is. it's a long way from my job in the west bronx.

ah i'm tired of this narrative.

grand concourse and east fordham road. shoes jewelry churros kid's clothes pigeons. mobile command unit for nypd. cell phone store. giant signs everywhere. unceasing swells of people across crosswalks with the lights. i'm running out of pencil. car service cars everywhere.

those mannequins have huge tits. the bus is shaking up to the next red light.

i have boogers. we're under the four train. i hate my body i hate my thighs lower stomach and sometimes my nose. not just because of boogers.
guess because i always meant to want a white gentile nose all tiny and turned up at the end and cute and shit.

fuck lot of good cute's done me.
i'm meant to be reading beckett right now.

there are yellow lines everywhere.  
they stand out to me today. on the road on the floor of the bus on the stoplight an awning the rim of a cap the line of the old guy's scarf.

big church outside. i like to bite the pencil. after i bite it i can feel the pressure echo in my teeth. i don't like it when people bite me. i bite my own hand, often.

ghetto johnny depp just got on. bumping latin hop hop on his cell phone. i was listening to the bus ride! but it's full of people sounds noises and this another.

vivero. chicken chicken frightened goat.  rabbit rabbit and a goose.

now over the 207th street bridge the Harlem river gray with brown swimming underneath it.

giant trainyard.
get it together oni!

207 and 10th ave.
transfer is available to the 1 train blue car ambulance hamburger joint. elevated train carniceria puerto rican and dominican babershops blaring radio blazing neon in the sunlight.

it's cold outside i didn't want to take my hands out of my pocket. i was couldn't get my notebook. i was cold. my legs felt like they do when i don't have no pants on outside in the cold. but i had jeans on. i checked to see if something was wrong with my jeans. there were seagulls everywhere.

i'm on the next bus now. i saw a seagull with bread in his beak. he flew onto a roof of a building to eat it. the buildings are mostly crumbly old. some look like they could stand forever. we are going over another bridge. broadway over the harlem river again back to the Bronx.

a wheelchair person is coming on the bus. i am almost out of pencil. if i push lighter it will last but i can hardly read it.

Gosh.  I'm still trying to open up that stupid account on verizon wireless.


Now I'm going to close the night out with ANOTHER NEW FEATURE (sorry for all the mindblowing advances this evening... unparalleled adventure and inspirado.

today we are featuring robin tunney, who i fell for in Empire Records.  I saw her tonight on some television show called (according to my roomate) "the mentalist."  whatever.  she's pretty.  so she's our first friday's finest.



we got turned on to her by happenstance, when my 2nd eldest sister's (aka sis2's) friend told me that there was this movie, called empire records, and the actress in it (Jennifer Tilley) has a tiny voice like you ONI!!!

so there we go.  and when i decide to shave my head the first time (circa....  2007? i think that's the first time we went down to bic level...?) it was in homage to her beautifulness.

ok.  in closing, i would like to thank my roomate brian for his eternal dish-doing/stuff-finding abilities, my darling Ewaen for staying in the hospital with me all night the other night because he's amazing, dittocat b/c he sleeps in a circle holding his eyes like oy vey i've had enough of this light!, sobeiski polish wodka, and my daddy just because i love him so much.

does anybody know where my ipod is?   last i seen it was in queens ny.  i do believe.

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