Friday, October 23, 2009

YAWN and stretch

greetings and salutations my dear readers.  tonight i am very sleepy oni.  i have been burning the proverbial candle at both ends of late.  i may retreat into the batcave (aka my bronx apartment) for a weekend of reading, writing, exercise, and tea.  I have social obligations but my obligation is of course to my self first. 

good adventure today.  went with my dear friend Cere to visit Brooklyn Boulders, an awesome indoor climbing gym in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn.  The place was amazing!!

I would like to celebrate my birthday with my friends there,  perhaps on the weekend of the seventh?  My birthday is actually the second but that is a Monday.  and the weekend just prior is of course halloween and people get partied out.  so we'll see.

It was my first time rockclimbing and cere taught me how to tie the ropes and belay and i was the human ballast for his climb and he for mine.  I felt like a puny weakling though working with the ropes but overall I think I held my own. It was exhilirating to climb to the top!  I climbed a bunch of walls, at fist just using whatever had holds and then mastering the 5.5 beginner wall.  My triceps feel very tired now.

after rock climbing we headed to the east village for an indian dinner to celebrate the birthday of my friend Liz.  Cere, Liz, myself and Liz's BF Kevin had a wonderful meal and good conversation.  The restaurant was on 1st avenue, somewhere near st. mark's place.  I didn't catch the name but it was a tiny place with tons of disco lights and festive decorations adorning its low five-and-a-half foot high ceiling.  Oh wait I found it!  It's called Royal Bangladesh.  It's located at 93 1st avenue.  It was a greasy spoon Indian joint that was so small and packed it felt like I was on some mad little ship.  The whole place seems to lean to one side and that's without me BYOBing any beer or wine.  But the staff was friendly and helpful.  And I just checked their health inspection violations and not too bad for NYC cheap eats (25 pts on their April 9 inspection, 2009).  Curry kills germs anyway, right?  Next time I order spicy.

I walked to union square to catch the five train and headed home.  I'm happy and healthy and sore and tired and eager for tomorrow, when I will a) clean my room b) hit the gym but just for cardio c)work on my novel (It's called Three. and is steadily nearing completion) and d) attend the seventh birthday party of a girl I took care of from age 4 to age 6.  It should be a blast so here's hoping!

smell ya later :)

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