Saturday, October 10, 2009

onitime picture show

here's some movies or vid clips i made or was in:

i wrote this one with jordan c. greenhalgh and you can see more about it at

now this movie is called broth and it is a music video for a mike thompson song.  me and jordan and mr. prvrt made it.

you should watch the rest of jordan's movies too cuz they are good.

here are some videos that i made.

this one is a singing and dressing to an Arrah and the Ferns song.  i love Arrah and the Ferns and I am sad they broke up

ad here's another arrah and the ferns song...  iam wearing my swimming suit my papa bought me in florida this past winter.
you get ot see my turtle.  her name is lahsanna.  she's a boy.  she bites.

okay that's it for today's onitime picture show.  hope you folks had a nice time :)

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