Thursday, November 26, 2009

~>~<~>~<~>~< PeAcHeS ~>~<~>~<~>~<

Happy thanksgiving my sweet little peaches :)  I visited with my aunt mertie and my mother's side of the family.  Absolutely lovely dinner and the best company and of course a big blessing to get out of the city and go visit their log cabin home in upstate New York. 

I got to spend the day with my niece Annika, who is just about the cutest thing.  She came by my father's house yesterday when I was here, on the phone with Mr. PRVRT wishing him a happy holiday.  She was in the other room but she heard my voice (which is high and somewhat melodic) and she yelled my name!  It made me very happy :)

Isn't she beautiful?

So before I left New York I was studying a lot for the proofreading exam (that's going to be this Wednesday).  And visiting with friends and wandering my lovely city.  And looking for other jobs, and working on my book, and working out.  Getting out of the city for this holiday has been a nice deep breath of fresh air.

The other fun part about today was my an't new St. Bernard.  I love big dogs!

Alright, beloveds, I am very sleepy.  Good night!

Monday, November 23, 2009

ooh i almost forgot

toy sushi!!

it's from pottery barn.  very cute!

oh my darlings oh my darlings

LOOOOONG weekend!!!!
i been in writing conference, proofreading class , studying or partying all weekend.  i am tired.  today has been low key. just a workout so far.  now i'm drinking some coconut water.  oh my darlings.  i'm going to take a shower, eat a tune sandwich, pay my bills, put away my clean wash then go to the movies with Ewaen I think.

the proofreading class was awesome.   It's run by beatrice moritz and only two sessions and i swear i learned and retained more then the 3 mos of training i did at the NYS Legislature's Bill Drafting Commission.  i bet you guys don't believe i am a good proofreader, but i am.  just because i choose an informal representation in online text doesn't mean i am incapable.  i remember when cere first read a short essay i wrote and was amazed because msot of my online posts are of a more childish construction.  but i just enjoy the brevity and ease of writing like i so.

i am going to take my test for metroproof and another agency during the week after thanksgiving.  i am very eager to go home for the break!

i'm going to share some pictures with you now my lovelies.  these aare mixed from walking around the city and babysitting :)

this is maxim.  he is very cute.  i have none him since he was a week old.

OK cats and kittens, I won't bother you much longer.  I promise I will updating more often :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greetings meatlings :P

i've been working out like it's my job. but it ain't i don't get paid. i am taking a class for legal proofreading and then trying to work for metroproof with timmers. i should be able to get the job because i worked for the new york state legislature's bill drafting commission as a proofer. it's goo dmoney and the hours should be alright too.

today i met some old yenta's at the gym. i went swimming with them. one of them gave me her card and said i lave you! (she's ukranian) i want t0o nail you! marry me it was very bizarre indeed. she's like 70 years old. in other news i recently went rock climbign with cere whcih was very fun. i accidently fell off a traverse wall and smashed my nose with my knee then blood came out.   one thing I really like about Brooklyn Boulders is how awesome the mural artist are that have worked there.  check out a little taste:

 I'm a certified belayer now :)  awesomeness.

I saw a Christmas Carol in 3-D Imax with ewaen, it was awesome. Very beautiful effects.
he looked cute in the silly glasses.

Tonight I'm drinking coffee and working on my book.  for dinner i think i will have some of the matzoh ball soup brian and I made yesterday.

I am studying for a test for a new job.  tomorrow i am babysitting my russian children in riverdale.

talk to you later!

oh wait i forgot i wanted to warn you i saw the most f*cked up movie ever on the IFC channel.  it is called AntiChrist.  if anyone asks you would you like to see it you would be well advised to say NO!

Ha i just went to lean back on the couch and almost squished dittocat!  i didn't even realize he had snuck up on me.

I went to the library today and got some new ghetto trashy romance novels, a new Maeve Binchy (I love her!) and some other assorted stuff that is actually literature as opposed to brain candy.

hmm what else do i have for you tonight?  i'm tired.  lots to do.  i'm washing all the clothes because my goodness they are allllll dirty!  i really have to get better at this domestic stuff.

here is the rockwall i fell off of the top of:

here is me in my swimsuit which i still won't wear out b/c i'm not having a flat enough stomach:

and here i am looking pale on the train:


the best four birthday presents i got were: Who Killed Amanda Palmer book, 
 strawberry pocky: 

a gorgeous leather jacket from my da

and a bunny with moustache :)  mine is pink and it has a butthole 

goodday sir!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

halloween pictures!

pics by siobhan counihan :)  she's my lovely alice in wonderland!



I like this hat.

Ewaen and I:

The plan for today is to go to the gym, do more writing work, laundry, writing group at 6:30 at my old school, then hang out with my friend Dann :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

gogogogo jankees

logging eighty friggin billion words an hour on the book tonight, blesses to my muse. 
my birthday was amazing.  very easy day then a fabulous dinner with MANY friend at
Guadalupe in Washington Heights.  I love that restaurant!  Not only is the food luxurious but the decor is very beautiful.  Good atmosphere overall.  Ewaen brought me a birthday cake!  Sweet man, that. 
So good to be surrounded by friends and feeling like I am blessed to be alive another year instead of cursed.

oooh i wrote 1544 words tonight i thnk am done working for the night.   I did a good workout today, I ran three miles, not too slowly.  My roomate always runs in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and sweats like a beast, so i decided to try "bikram" running and put on a sauna belt, a workout bra, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt.  it made me miserable feeling!  i don't think i will do that again.  but maybe i will wear the sauna belt when i want to get rid of bloatedness.
i want to go rockclimbing again soon with cere and my friend amy dupcak. alirght imma go watch the game
MACARONI!!  THE YANKEES WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!  my neighborhood is blowing up with fireworks and screaming :)  I love NEW YORK

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's my Birthday!

Hello all! 
Halloween was fantastic, thanks for asking.  I visited my good friends Siobhan and Kevin in Philadelphie, for a party at their home (The Mole Hole!)  I got to see some of my favorite favorites like Artie, Robin, Matt, Alan, Danger and all the rest of the BME phillies I love.
And my YANKEES  kicked Philadelphia's butt! 

fantastic.  It's a good thing everyone there liked me or they might have punched me for being such a bratty braggart.

I decided to be a leather domme for halloween, since I found a great hat at the Palisades Mall.  It was a sexy and cute costume and a big hit!  I shared my hat with Artie b/c it made his great costume look even creepier!

Good adventures in philly included buying beer from the scary-ass bodega near shawn porter's house.  in p.a. they don't sell beer anywhere, not even the gas station. it is a very stupid rule.  i felt like a dumb idiot for thinking i could get beer at Walgreens.  whatever.  some silly costumes i liked were a Somalian pirate and Count Chocula.  I like that cereal.  Boo Berry is amazing though.

siobhan and kevin made killer cupcakes and cookies.  They have like four awesome cats that made my visit much more comfortable.  I love kitty cats!

Here's some pictures from the party:

the madhatter is my host kevin, looking very handsome :)
there was an unintentional theme to the party.  we had a white rabbit, the red queen, the mad hatter and two alice in wonderlands!!

There were some little baby people there.  OK well they were college aged.. but is it bad that freshmen and sophmores in undergrad seem like kindergarteners to me now?  i'm  getting old.

this is my friend Danger who is a vegan and a straigthedge and i still like him.   he has a good vertical leap and is very tall. alan mandic took the picture:

Here's my plan: I am going to the gym and the library and the bank and then to dinner with some friends.

I spent the majority of the last two days in Chinatowns.  first philly one then the new york city one.  i liked it. except my feet hurt.  here's some pictures.

I want to study Kung Fu at this academy!

Have you ever taken the chinatown bus?  the one's in new york are crazy with lots of little tin y women hawking tickets and yelling at you.  the one in philly is in the dingiest weirdest store front the goes on like forever and is dirty.