Sunday, October 11, 2009

the whirlwind is in the thorntree

Hey there cat's and kittens.  Today's post will be a multifaceted adventure.  Last night's I went to May's place sushi, and I got to see my friend shawn porter and his lovely girlfriend Claire to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.  Congratulations to a favorite couple.  Then I hung out with Mike Beer for a bit then I went to Astoria.  I left my phone there like a dummy.

I was by my friends' car this morning and there were a bunch of condom wrappers all around, and a used condom right by the tire.  We decided that someone must have a hot time of it out in the street last night.  Super gross.  Then we drove away and I heard a little bang sound on the roof and my friend was all "What was that?"  I said i don't know maybe a squirrel threw rocks at you.  It's not your day.  My friend said "maybe it was thee squirrel fucking on my car too!"  and i said "but squirrels don't wear condoms."  and then i drew a silly picture of a gansta squirrel being all like "yo shorty i don't need no rubber.  you know i'm clean girl."  and the legend SQUIRRELS DONT WEAR CONDOMS.  i want to make it a t-shirt.  maybe i'll let you see the picture if i feel inspired to hook up the scanner.

In other news, I was wondering if anyone would like to by some fused glass pendants i made.  this is what they look like:


i will sell them to you for $10.00 each if you like them.  you can email me at ***************************cheesy enchilada, with ground turkey.

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