Wednesday, October 7, 2009


hello loves,
i have a massive head cold.  i have a massive head, and inside a cold.   honest my head is rather large.  when i was a wee one i had this big old noggin, so big my mum had my head scanned to see if i had a big ole brain or an excess of cerebral fluid.  i had a big brain.  the big head combined with my tiny feet meant a great delay in walking. 

my niece, annika, is likewise slow to walk.  i was 22 months before i took my first proper steps, and she is roughly (correct me if you know) 19 months now and still not walking.  it worried my sister some but i told her you know, take it easy.  i was slow to be born, slow to walk, slow to read and slow to develop my fine motor skills, but once these elements were in place i surpassed my peers in verbal and social pursuits with alacrity and grace.  above please find a lovely little photograph of my niece, cleverly disguised as a feline.

since i woke this morning with a bad cold, i dosed myself liberally  with ephedrine, caffeine, vitamin c, zinc, and oatmeal.  this lead, unfortunately, to numerous trips to the ladies room, but also to the loquacity you see exhibit herein.  my heart beats rapidly and my mind marches in lockstep therewith, spewing verbal bedizenment about with little regard to the overall deformity resultant in such verbose bedazzling.

alright now ease it up a bit there oni.  my dear friend and former apartment-mate sammie, from perth, australia, put up several photographs from the 2007 period, which I would like very much to share with you now.

this is lana and i, at a grocery store called wegmans, in rochester new york.  we are holding feijos, making a photograph for our dear friend sarah, who lives in alabama and is much enamored with this strange fruit.

Here I am shown waiting for a shuttle train at the East 180th St stop of the 5 train, in The Bronx.  I appear to be enjoying an Arizona Diet Iced Tea with Honey and Ginseng.  I am very fond of this beverage and find it to be refreshing, delicious and energizing.

and here I am at some festive occasion, enjoying the company of my dear friends nick, jeff moore, the kiwi and timbo, all members of the illustrious art collective known as the blood dumpster.

that's enough of that silliness.  in other silliness, i attend the monday night gathering at the 12th street ale house, accompanied by roommate and friend, brian.  he is extremely illusive but i managed to photograph a bit of him, by turning the camera on myself.  sort of like snapping a pic of the bigfoot...i feel i have accomplished something.  he is a wonderful roommate and we watch a lot of television and run on the treadmill a great deal.  we also endeavor to make a great variety of tasty and healthful food.

In conclusion, this is quite possibly the most pointless and rambling blog post ever embarked upon.  The cold medicines and exhaustion have conspired to make it so.  I am going to go back in my bed now, most likely to finish reading the novel i picked up last night, a quirky little rewrite of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  This telling is slightly more enjoyable than the original, as I tend to find Ms. Austen's work exceedingly dull.

I will return to the cyber-realm later today, perhaps to update this blog but most assuredly to seek employ, seeing, as many of you well know, i have been laid off by former employer due to an extended illness and attendant hospitalization.  spirits remain high in spite of this set back and i intend to be on my feet again shortly.

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