Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm at cafe mocha in the east village, eating toast with jam

it's been quite some time, hasn't it my lovelies?  Long story, but here I am again presenting my addled adventures for you amusement and edification.  it's strawberry jam, on my toast.  it has a hint of garlic too it.  msut be the fellow didn't clean the panini press before toasting my roll.  i don't mind.  confluence of flavors.

i've been to visit my family this past weekend.  such a blessing to be loved and love my people so completely!  highlights of the visit were time spent with my nieces, thier mother, my mother and their uncle. and watching fiddler on the roof with my papa and brother and my papa's gf.  i used to play matchmaker matchmaker with my cousins rachel and bethany. 
i also attended an engagement party for my dear cousin boo boo, who was my favorite little boy cousin when i was a wee little girl.  we went a luncheon at Zaika in clifton park and it was absolutely a perfect affair, great food, service, regale appointments in the dining space, just lovely.
i sometimes wish the choice of my future mate could be removed form my sphere of influence because i am weary of it.  The man i've spent the most time beside, whom I made a home with, with whom I saw my future unfolding, is now my best friend and very far away.  it is cliched but impending birthday brings to mind all sorts of where-am-i in-my-life, what-am-i doing-and-with-whom sort of questions.  My next steps are a complete unknown, even to me.  I would like a steady partner with whom i feel on an equal footing and well respected.  it doesn't seem much to ask but could prove difficult.  human interaction is extremely complicated and exhausting.

my mama made a kipa for my brother, so i asked her to make one for lizabella, who is my little pif from when i was five.

I've had lizabella since I was five.  She's like... 21 going on 22.

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