Friday, April 30, 2010

Facebook | PLAYDATE! [picnic park playground]

Facebook | PLAYDATE! [picnic park playground]

i'm having a playdate tomorrow or sunday you wanna come?

Axel Erlandson's Tree Circus/"Циркови дървета" от Аксел Ерландсон | This is the blog of staro-novo/ Това е блогът на staro-novo

Axel Erlandson's Tree Circus/"Циркови дървета" от Аксел Ерландсон | This is the blog of staro-novo/ Това е блогът на staro-novo

lovely links and things

Popular Science | New Technology, Science News, The Future Now

this article is about a battery which can be charged with seawater, or, barring that, urine. way to go south koreans! everybody has pee pee.


taxidermied pigs with tattoos.

WHATtheCOOL on BuzzFeed

sticker robot has a cool project called SASE where people could snag free sticker packs by sending in decorated envelopes with SASE inside.  The results are awesome and they are here .

and i want a key shaped pocket knife. i am super duper tired.  yesterday my writing group, the pink ponies, met in central park instead of one of our usual haunts.  It was delightful and it has inspired me to strive to make better use of that and other parks this summer.  I will still be going upstate to get out of the city from time to time, but i love me some flora and fauna and should get as much as i can into my life all the time.

i'm back working out a lot and it is exhausting but good.  i stayed out late last night at karaoke and was tired and hungover today but i worked anyway.  now i just wanna take a big nap.  wild friday night huh?  hehe.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010'm pretty darn well and i hope you can say the same.  i woke up very hungover this morning but no matter, some water, ibuprofen and a pop tart and i was right as rain.  it was a strawberry frosted pop tart and it was delicious.  my favorite flavor is frosted brown sugar cinnamon.   i don't eat poptarts very often because they helped make me fat back when i was fat.

  my roomate, brian, is back in town as he found some freelance work.  this is good.  i like not having a roomate, but i like not having to pay the rent by myself much better.

my strawberries never came up.  boo-urns buzzy seeds, boo-urns.the rest of plants are well though, even with the loss of a tomato plant, but i put in two so that's ok.

i re-dyed my hair tonight and i think it looks mighty fine.  i am tired!  i didn't get home from work until 9:30 tonight.  emily's car got towed so vladimir had to go get her and i had to stay with the girls. we watched My Neighbor Totoro and they absolutely loved it.  I love them.  We went rollerskating today.  They skated.  I watched.  i really wanted to skate but i don't have skates yet.

do you have some extra money?  please buy me these roller skates or something else from my amazon gift list

ok i have to get ready for work.  here's some pictures from yesterday

 sophie, ready for rollerderby


here's some boys i played with yesterday we dug up two little nymphs, a larvae and another bug.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


evening greetings my dears.  you find me at an old haunt, the new school building over on 12th street.  i come here every thursday for my writing group and tonight i decided to stay on, after stopping at Murray's Bagels for a hot chocolate.  I highly recommend their bagels, but I do caution that the coffee is a much better choice than the hot chocolate, which is way too sweet.

i'm in some sort of waiting room on the third floor on the 11th street side of the new school building.  between the two sides there is a bridged walkway over the courtyard and tonight there seems to be some sort of lovely sound/art installation.  spent a few lovely moments in that diversion.  there are pieces of paper there and paintbrushes and jars of water.  i dipped the paintbrushes in the water and then drew on the paper, and then my drawings evaporated.
I like this waiting room. it is very quiet here.  ut-oh my cell phone made the sad bledoop sound that means low battery.  woops.

i'm working on my book.  i don't think the title will be staying the same.  it is called Three.  but i am not sure what it will be called ultimately.

i get to hand out with my friend dann tonight, which is very cool.  he's a smart fellow and i enjoy his company.  strong wit and very upbeat personality.

my firescape/window garden is growing strong with healthy and happy basil, tomato, and golden oregano plants.  the strawberries have yet to sprout and that's troublesome.  The kit I bought only came with ten seeds.   When I set out little seed pots of anything to germinate I like to fill up at least half a tray, lots more plants then ten because how likely is it that ten seeds are all going to come to fruition?  I think that was mad cheap of the buzzy seeds kit people

ok what just happened to my html to make this part in italics!  how annoying.  i really should learn how to script better instead of being lazy and relying on all this intuitive easy-pie blogging software because when it messes up I don't know how to fix it.

ok maybe I figured it out now... ha. whatever.
alright almost time to get back to work.  but first some pictures.

 rathouse from an empty lot by the bar

my bosses (emily and vladimir)  i like them :)

ok that's neough bye bye

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't do crack

we drink the coffee

hey-o ya'll.  today is a magnificently lazy day for the me!  mostly reading, lazing in bed, messing on the internet... etc.  did a little tidying of the house and sech but nothing major.  moved my tomato seedlings (they are bigger now... i guess they are plantlings mow??) into the   topsy turvy tomato planter
it's heavy as hell.  secured on the outside of my fire escape.  hope it won't bother my neighbors or get me in trouble.  strawberry seeds have yet to germinate.  hopefully not duds.  oregano's doing fine, a little yellow, nitrogen might be off, made an adjustment.  dittocat has nice cat grass i grew him :)  he loves to munch on that :)  big ups to henry for the mini aqua globes.  total necessity for the lazy container gardener.

Speaking of laziness I've got plenty.  hmm.  I need to do the dishes and the laundry b/t tonight and tomorrow, refill a prescription and cook for the week and straighten up the house some more.  That part never ends!!

look-robosaurus laid a pedi egg!

And I need to workout.  because i am SO LAZY.  how lazy am i?  (answer in comment section please)

This is mort.  he is my new crawdad.  he lives in the tank with my turtle (lahsanna) and her food-fish. i like to eat crawdads but i'm not gonna eat mort.  because he's a pet. and he eats yucky things that would otherwise make the tank much dirtier.

i like drinking coffee.  i think i will make some now, or maybe a shake.  i made the best shake ever last night with my relatively new  blender.  it was banana, kefir, mango, cherry juice and pear juice and it rocked!  i froze some b/c i had extra so i will put that in today's smoothie.  i like having smoothies for lunch or breakfast b/c they don't make me tired like big meals.

my blender is from proctor silex and i bought it at pc richards.  it's pretty good considering the low price and it handles ice better than my old one.  but it is LOUD LOUD LOUD and the design not the best for cleaning.

ok i'm tired of writing my blog.  leave me comments it cheers me :)  bye!
oh yeah and i have to wear my old glasses for like another five days until my new ones come or i get contacts in the mail.  my eye finally healed from the inflammation it was experiencing thank g-d!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Babysitting sleeping babies is easy.

hardest part of tonight is trying to get some work done when the options for entertainment abound...  cable television, a really fun novel, and superfast internet, plus jackson, who is ridiculously cute and fun puppy dog.  i have work to do!!!

listening to:
Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major ("Eroica"), Op. 55: IV. Finale, Allegro Molto
performed by: Roger Norrington 
on pandora :) unresistingly beautiful.

here's some interesting things i looked at on the internet today:
an HIV testing machine the size of an Ipod for testing in rural communities, article from popularscience

also from popsci check out this gallery from the 2010 toy fair

i remember a book i used to read today, in the night kitchen by maurice sendak

i want a copy of it, very much!

let me close with a silly joke i like.  my mum is a broke doctor, and my father  well off lawyer:

So, a doctor and a lawyer meet at a party…

Lawyer-cartoonTheir conversation was interrupted repeatedly by guests asking the doctor for medical advice. Finally, the exasperated doctor turned to the lawyer and said, “Tell me, what do you do to stop people from asking you for legal advice when you’re out of the office?”
“When they ask, I give them advice”, replied the lawyer, “and then I send them a bill in the morning.”
The doctor decided to take the lawyer’s advice and for the rest of the evening wrote down the names and addresses of everyone who approached him for advice. The next morning he took out the list, just as his secretary walked into his office and handed him a bill from the lawyer.

i am the frogfish. i am adorable and silly.

time for awesomeness round up

karl lagerfeld on a coca cola light bottle:
 i love this b/c lagerfeld is a psycho anti-fat person.  he should be on a diet coke label because his biggest fear in life is getting fat.  he has a crazy diet where you eat like baby food and nothing.

in other news i need this so i can be an even better BEST NANNY EVER.  buy it for me.  i can't tie knots in balloons though.. this is my only childcare failing.

i like the random obsessiveness of starblog 

today i made red curry with sweet potato, shrimps and other veggietables.  and brown rice.  yerm.  and a boss salad as well :)

tonight i went to see How To Train Your Dragon.  i liked it very much it was adorable!

oh i wanted to mention something that was very neat at the botanical gardens yesterday and that is their massive herbarium.  in another life i would have been a botanist.  it was awesome and nerdy and fascinating to pore over all this information on mosses and seaweeds and squashes and ferns and things.  yep.  apparently emily dickinson made one.  i wish i had when i lived in the country with MR. PRVRT. 
when i was younger I was in Science Olympiad and I won a blue ribbon in tree identification, at the state competition.  I have always felt a strong strong draw toward plant life, trees in particular.  I am glad I have some plants growing here now, even if they are a bit starved for space/sun.

ok its late i'm gonna try to make my brains turn off so i can sleep!

Friday, April 2, 2010


yesterday was AWESOME. orchid show @ The New York Botanical Garden with henry. had a brilliant time. very much in like with him. talking about the future... interesting developments :)

today's been on a good bent too! got yummy things i love at market like organic cucumber and ingredients for guacamole. did five loads of laundry, all the dishes, a bit of homework, went to the library (and got ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER amongst other things i had requested, yay!) bought fish for lahsanna and food for dittocat, transplanted an oregano plant i bought yesterday and cleaned the toilets and the turtle tank.

woooosh! now homework/dinner/shower then more henry time!