Monday, July 5, 2010

we be sittin'

today was super nice!  i had breakfast with a friend, then a bit of shopping at rite aid and trader joes, then headed up to home.  made a super yum burrito and had a shower.  then i went to the beach with brian.  the bay was really dirty and seaweed-y so that kind of sucked.  probably because there were a million people there yesterday and today but that was kind of gross.  now i am babysitting sawyer, who is sleeping.  CENTRAL AIR ON BLAST!  playing with jackson (puppy) and getting ready to do some work.  hitting ten pages a day lately.  jackson is on the kitchen counter!!  lemme go spray him.  BRAHAHAHa i am the mistress of the squirt bottle of doom!  he's contrite.  ok time to get some work done :)  oh~! i also made a super awesome dinner tonight.  i used bagel thins (thomas) I love them they are only 110 calories with great bagel flavor.  I put on marinara (Classico) and mozzarella (don't remember which brand) and tomatoes, oregano and basil from my garden.  IT was fantastic.  jackson just licked my shoulder.  what a weirdo.

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