Saturday, July 17, 2010

100 POSTS!!!

HAPPY ONE HUNDREDTH POST!  hundredth was hard to spell.
100% pure Pictures, Images and Photos
it's party time over here at one and oni!  and how will we celebrate?

well perhaps the time for celebration has past, as i have been lazy in my bed all morning and now it is 1:39pm.  so maybe the best way to celebrate is by being productive!!

Don't WANNA 

ok so gym for running and lifting, then shower, then lunch, then work on the book, which is now 244 pages long double-spaced and super awesome. We are in our final editing push with only 70 or so pages left to go so let's just f***ing finish the thing and make millions or fail. 
Or do something in between (that's what i'm hoping for!!)

ok my ready readers.  i love you all for reading.  be sure to "follow" and comment on my blog because it makes me oh so happy :)

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