Wednesday, July 21, 2010

garden growing wild

GOOD NEWS GUYS!  i get to stay in my apartment.  came to an agreement with the landlord, very reasonable rent.  this is nice and relives a buncha stress for brian and i.  here's some more pics of the garden.  we have basil, tomato, catnip, oregano and strawberry plants.

in other news, i'm making great progress with my novel, three, and expect it to be completely done with my second and final round of edits by the close of the month.

other important things to do this month include: work, attend doctor's appointments as scheduled, read more literature and less trash, clean my room, attend kickboxing more often, wake up earlier and go to bed earlier and what else?  who knows.  it'll come to me.

tonight i'm having dinner with mir-mir at ATHNOS in manhattan.  It's restaurant week and it should be just lovely.  i'll let ya'll know what I think of it.

i really need to shower.  i should also do laundry but i'm not sure there is time.  i have an appointment at 5:45 near fordham plaza and i best get my things together and do my edits for the day.  i already did my exercise to the tune of 5k of running and 5k of biking.  the latter was much easierthan the former!!

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