Saturday, July 24, 2010


baahdahdadada dadadadahdah fairway!
2010/07/24 16:22 yesteday was my first day off from the gym and i needed it but today was hard hard hard back in the gym first i ran a fast mile but not that fast and i felt like i was dying. then i did interval circuit training focusing on abs chest and back alternated with jump rope, bike and sprints. hour workout, felt like five. ran home and up to my fourth floor aptartment and fell on the floor and wheezed for like ten minutes beforei could move again feel like a rung out wash rag

oh well. gonna go to the market with brian now. GRWOCERIES!!! we go to fairway in pelham manor. ilove it b/c they have good prices, british candy, cheap frozen fruit, and free samples. today we get to by a new canister of olive oil fairway has like eight million varieties and you can try before you buy. olive is the only oil we use in my house so we buy in bulk.

ugh i'm still weak. maybe i'll get bri to stop at the habibi store so i can get some coconut water and not pass out.

ok ttyl

 ditto is too hot he wants to kill everyone

me and brian jsut figured out how to fix my bird necklace which is my favorite bird necklace!!!!

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