Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blogging on da bus!

give some a slight tummyache... but it is awful neat and FUN.  actually the tummyache might be the result of the dirty-water dog i scarfed from the stand as i baked in line for the MEGABUS.  It left fifteen minutes late but I don't care, I'm always late, as long as it doesn't come early then it is the bus for me.

It was more than ten dollars cheaper than greyhound.  and it beats the heck out of the chinatown bus b/c i don't have to go down to chinatown, the workers speak better english and are marginally less gruff, and there is free wifi!  plus i've had one chinatown bus trip where the heat didn't work in January and I had to put on all the clothes I had in my luggage and I was still freezing, and another chinatown bus trip where the exhaust from the engine was somehow coming into the bus and people were getting headaches and barfing so i popped out the emergency hatch on the ceiling because the bus driver WOULD NOT stop and we needed oxygen.  That made him stop.

so, IMHO, megabus gets thumbs up and chinatown bus gets thumbs down except for mega short trips like to philly.

I am super-tired.  i couldn't sleep in the death heat last night and i don't have money to run the A.C.   sucks.  but that's what it is.  also i was nervous because i always get nervous before any trip, stupid but true.  I am going to Cape Cod with my mama :)  never been there and i've never been on  with my mama before  it will be mostly just she and i, but my brother kevin will be around too which is great because he wants to go biking, hiking, swimming, running and kayaking with me.

my headphones died and i had to pay $10 for a crap pair of "colby" headphones in Penn Station.  What a gyp.  they are like $2 at the discount store.  highway robbery!   oh well at least they work.  sort of

ok i'm gonna go take a nap b/c this air conditioning is the bee knees!

ps. i really like this ring:

 (by violet darkling)

i want it!

UPDATE I WOKE UP FREEZING and had to put on all the clothes and towels so i wouldn't die of hypothermia.  geez.  this is very silly.  i'm almost to albany now.  my papa is gonna pick me up.

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