Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's Dinosaur is: Quetzalcoatlus!

 This dude is hugemongeous!  He's named after Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs.  Quetzalcoatlus is a total badass.  He's got a forty-foot wingspan: wings as big as those on the first plane brought up into the skies by the Wright Bros.  Extreme bad-assery.  And it doesn't stop there my friends, no.  He could take off from a standing position, stock still, leap into the air with a mega-push-up, like a vampire bat.  This becomes even more super impressive when you realize dude was as tall as a giraffe. so you see this giraffe guy walking around on all fours and then he squats and push ups and flaps away?  You would toally poop your pants in amazement.
Yeah.  Quetzalcoatlus is the coolest.

In other news I have a buncha stuff to do today so I better hop to it.  MORT IS DEAD (my crayfish.)  lahsanna (my turtle) ate him.  It is very sad.  Muy triste.  So obviously Lahsanna is hungry.  Prime directive for this afternoon: go to my bank and deposit rent check, go to other bank and pay rent.  Go to library and get new books (this might have to wait until tomorrow) and come home and get gorgeous.  My friend Ewaen and I are going to our friend Niyi's wedding, in Connecticut.  This will be my first African wedding and I am very excited to be going.  Niyi is Nigerian and his bride from the Ivory Coast.  Should be some awesome native clothes and foods and maybe dancing?  Neat!


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