Friday, October 29, 2010

TILT$ a day late and a dollar short :)

things i love thursday, on a friday.

1.  dittocat. he came into my life about seven years ago because i was living in a cabin that had tons of mice.  i like mice as much as the next guy but when they started leaving little turds in the silverware drawer i went to my sister's place and asked her for her best mouser.  i intended to borrow him for a week, but i fell in love.  he is my furry compadre through all life's joys and disappointments and i wouldn't trade him for the world.  his name is ditto because there were so many black cats at that place when they got him they just called him ditto.  brian and i have also bestowed upon him a plethora of derivations including, ditteronomus, d-money, jamal dittonoffski, p-diddy, ditz, ditters von kitters, and ditty bop.

2. being an aunt.  when kara got pregnant i was worried about her.  i thought she was putting a serious hurting on her future life choices and saddling herself with far too much responsibility for her young shoulders.  but she put on her big-girl panties and became an awesome mom, leaving me free to be the world's happiest aunt.  annika, you are my jewel, my joy and my darling.

3. new haircuts!
yeah... it's weird and chloe think i look like a boy but i love it :)

5.  my petland.  it's under the 2 and 5 elevated train on white plains road, next to the burger king.  I have been going there for a few years about once a week for fish for the turtle and things for the cat.  it feels like "cheers" because everybody knows my name.  the kids there are very helpful and friendly.  stop by and say hi to ricky and alex and marisol and the rest, and pick up some tasty goldfish at ten for a dollar.  (when my turtle eats the goldfish she holds the fishes head in her mouth and rips off the scales and they swirl around all sparkly in the water and make it look like that tank is filled with Goldschlager.)  and that reminds me, it is goldschlager weather and i love that stuff.  how could you not?  it has REAL GOLD in it and tastes like you're drinking Big Red

And all the rest:  good friends who get me, people who understand when i can't be more than i am, staying confident in the face of rejection letters, good gym clothes, my leather jacket, my scarab necklace, my basil plant, my birthday, my roommate, sweater weather, doing situps upside-down on the monkey bars, ice-cream Wednesdays, snack-time at work and being lazy.

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  1. why was Things I Love Thursday on a Friday this week oni? Because I slept through Thursday.