Thursday, October 14, 2010


i'm loving a lot of things this week.
  • Helpful clerical personnel.  Shout out to Michelle at the Registrar's Office at the New School for hooking me up with super-fast turnaround on that official transcript request.  You saved my butt and you didn't even give me crap about that fact I had months to take care of it but put it off until the day before.
  • My big sister Miriam for post-midnight telephone consultation during crisis and for yummy sushi.   And the city of Philadelphia for having the best sushi roll for yummy bagel-and-lox from the Orient flavor.
  • Reading with my girls.  I'm getting to explore the next generation of Children's and Tween literature and I'm really loving it!  Junie B. Jones, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, FreckleFace Strawberry, all that :)

  • halloweenie!! i got to make pumpkins with the girls which was awesome and also i am having a halloween-themed birthday party. very excited!!

ok i gotta go to the gym real quick then shower and edits for the ponies and head to manhattan :)

other things i love: that i can now almost do "dips" on the captains chair at the gym, my new sweaters, cantaloupe,  that light therapy exists to help me with S.A.D., dittocat, ECA STACK, unlimited Metrocards, cheap costume jewelry and hairbands, really good salad, homegrown herbs and tomatoes, and KEFIR.

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