Wednesday, October 20, 2010


had a swell time this weekend at my cousin Benn's wedding to the lovely Emma.  I cried during their first dance!
My cousin Jonny played DJ and everyone had a great time dancing at the reception, especially annika! if you check a few post back on here there is a vid of her and i dancing. 
here's my sister, her boyfriend and myself freezing but happy at the ceremony.  i look like a babushka:

the cake smoosh:

sunday i got to spend with my papa. i love him. i get to see him tomorrow and he's staying at my house overnight because he needs to be in the city doing lawyer stuff two days in a row. i'm going down to the appellate division in the afternoon to hear him argue. i like seeing my dad do his thing. i remember being little and getting SO SO excited when my dad was on television, or watching him defend or condemn legislation at the capital. i remember my visits to the new york state legislature very fondly, because even my dad's political enemies couldn't help but be charmed by his pack of rag-a-muffins (i'm one of five and we are all awesome.) i got my first ben and jerry's from a republican senator! anyway papa and i went to valatie's main street diner because we love it! best breakfast in the capital district. and there is a very pretty waterfall and a strangely enchanting vacant lot nearby as well.
today was back to the regular schegular. good thing i love my job!
my hair is getting really long and kind of crazy!!

*several of these photos were taken by the mother of groom, Margaret Griffin AKA Aunt Mertie!  they were so great i had to steal a few.

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  1. I have jumped into that waterfall, and lived to tell the tale! (Liking the long hair, btw)