Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hey oni noni

"what up with the lack of posts of late?" you ask.

well kids, i have been a bit "off" of late.  like that expired pink guava and coconut fruit iceSmooze All Natural Fruit Ice, Coconut & Pink Guava, 22 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) i ate yesterday that made me really sick.  and i almost barfed up on the bx-12 select bus.

i am super duper extra tired and sort of out of it.  i have seasonal affective disorder (difficulty regulating my emotions as the sun leaves us for the winter).  i use light therapy and vitamin d3 treatment but i've been slacking with the former and i really need to step it up again.  there is too much to be done, and there is much time to do it in, but not if i am sleeping/sleepy all the time.  so, note to self, get on the ball!

i have some hopeful things on the book front, still looking for representation for my debut novel, Three.  hmm what else.  i got a billion new clothes from my bosses old clothes.  hand-me-downs are the best, especially as she works in fashion and many of them are new.

started working on my second novel, THE HOUSE THAT HUNGER BUILT again and i'm proud of how it is going so far.

alright loves i'm sleepy and it's cold.  time for cuddles in the blanket with dittocat and i'll talk to you later. oh and tonight my room smells like bacon.

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