Monday, November 1, 2010

birthday bash!

by Kelly Carman
i had my birthday party last night and it was great!  thanks to all my friends for coming and extra thanks to foley for hosting and extra double thanks to LEAH AND DOUG who brought party decorations, foods, and amazing CUPCAKES WITH TINY PIES BAKED INSIDE THEM!  i made everyone dance to 90's dance music and hip hop and RnB.  i puffed with tobais fuke, i hugged a man with a snake for a penis, i chatted forever with lydia deetz and a shark bite victim.  the new liquor store that just opened nearby was visited by a dispatch from our party, in full halloween regalia, and the hispanic family that own the store all sang happy birthday to me!  my costume was a great sucess and i was very happy.  i drank too much though as i am apt to do and had to sleep most of the day with terrible headache.  and then i had to clean up and it was very very messy.  but that's ok.  i went home and finished reading "Island Beneath the Sea" by Isabel Allende which was about a slave and a concubine and Haiti before it was a haiti.  it was extremely moving and beautiful.  i would have made it a bit shorter if i was the editor, a few parts were clunky or boring but overall it was a great book.  i have gotten some swell b-day gifts so far including an awesome black gold earring for my rook from dann, a claw money hoodie from foley (claw is one of my favorite graffiti artists of all time), a kettle bell from brian for workouts, a kindle from papa (have yet to order that though, i should get on that, earrings and pez and buttons and light up bracelets from the lovely kelly, superstickers and baked things from doug and leah, and stoli from me!

here's pics of guests!  i stole them all because i didn't have any batteries for my camera.

by chelsea mcchesney

by kelly carman 

i was death from the sandman.  i like her, she's awesome.  I wanted to go to the party at the sacred gallery tonight but i was too worn out and tired and headachey.   we really did the dang thang last night.  ok well i think i'm ready for some sleeping.   see ya later!
by kelly carman

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