Thursday, October 21, 2010


1. The PINK PONIES, my beloved writing group.  we met at the New School and have been meeting (roughly) once a week for almost two years.  I couldn't have finished my novel, THREE, without them, and I wouldn't have grown so much as a writer.  Also I would be quite a bit crazier.  I love my ponies.

2.  Found a new place to get a great cup of coffee for only 90 cents on my way to work!  i usually make coffee at home but this week I ran out and i remembered this place called New Goldmine Coffee Shop.  It's under the 1 train at the 231st stop (231st and Broadway in Kingsbridge).  They have the BEST donuts I've ever had in the Bronx, they are always fresh and soft and wow!  I had stopped going in there because the doughnuts are too tempting, but now I am always late in the morning so I only have time for a quick cuppa.  The staff is super nice and friendly and of course bilingual in English and Spanish.  I highly recommend the Dominican style oatmeal, the coffee and the donuts.  They are very affordable too.

3. Tasti D-Lite.  It's a pseudo ice-cream which is fantastic.  I bought three quarts with Henry a week ago and brought them home.  They have less calories and fat than ice cream but really hit that craving spot.  love that stuff!  one of the best pats of living in NYC!

4. New York Public Library!  Don't really need to explain this one, except to explain to those who don't know that I am a voracious bibliophile and I burn through 4-6 novels a week.  If I had to buy books I would be in BIG trouble.  So when I moved to NYC and got plugged into this massive, awesome multi-branch inter-library loan system I must say I was in heaven.  Unfortunately The city council cut $10 million from the library's funding earlier this year, forcing some branches to reduce operating hours.  All the library branches I frequent in the Bronx were hit  with reduced hours, but the worst is my local library (The Van Nest Branch.)  Fortunately I work in a richer neighborhood and the library is open most of the day while I am babysitting, so I take the children and also do my library business there at the same time.  Overall I still love the libraries, even though my local library is no longer part of my life because the of the drastic reduction in hours.

5.  Really dope bikini pool party I crashed at the Grace Hotel this week. I want to have a party there :)  pool + bar + sauna = awesome.

OTHER STUFF:  my daddy, tacos for breakfast, not running out of Toilet Paper because we bougth the giant thing a BJ's, whiskey and diet cokes, rice cakes with ground peanut on 'em, dittocat, my writing desk (which is not like a raven in a any way), snacktime,

new bug necklace, deadlifts, getting application in for school on time, my bed even though it is broken and lumpy it is still comfy, the bread outlet store in riverdale (mini bagels, woot!), ECA stack, my netbook, Vitamin D3, planned parenthood, orange toenail polish, coloring books, pretty girls, good first dates, tweezing my eyebrows, wearing earrings, The Tale of the Genji, honey wheat pretzels, kefir, dinosaurs and understanding third grade math!

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