Tuesday, November 2, 2010

birthday post

good birthday.  good morning.  and walk in the park and bodega coffee and nice lady on the bus liked my earrings and other lady was so sweet and thankful that i gave her my seat of course i did she was old and had bags.  bought food for the week in the labyrinthine lines at trader joes in manhattan and read for a long while on the train.  im reading  the good wife by stewart o'nan and i'm enjoying it even though it is very sad.  it feels real and makes me glad i'm not married to someone who has done something to ruin my life.  i am glad to be married to me.  i take good care of my life.

i took the food home and ate and went to ps 108 and voted and walked around for a bit and saw brian and then looked at the computer.

i'm going hiking on the 13th.  i'm looking very much forward to that and to visiting my family this weekend upstate.

i had many birthday wishes today and they were all loved. especially mama and kara and annika calling to sing me happy birthday and my mama sang "baby noni" and i caught a cry in my throat because i know how much she loves me and she is my mother by choice not by birth but still my mother in every important way and i love her.

i am tired and i think i will sleep a while.  then i am going to go to the gym because i find myself with a surfeit of feelings and that is a good and constant outlet.

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