Tuesday, November 30, 2010

G'Evening Sports Fans

I had a lovely time at Drinking Monday last night, especially nice to have a tiny hamburger from Mark Burger on St. Mark's Street.  Fries were tasty too!  This place was definite win.  I also got review the work of the irrespresible miss Yao Xiao.  I see big things in her future indeed.

I had a great time chilling with my buddy Josh as well.  I like him an awful lot.  He is very silly and smart and cute!

Today was good although I had a late start due to the hangover from last night's drinking.  oh well, all's well.  Sent out my submission for this week's Pink Ponies Writing Group and got over to work on time.  Had a nice quiet afternoon of Barbie and snack-time and Culture Club with Ava and then caught a ride home with Brian.  Just finished a tasty dunkachinno and made dinner, which I will consume upon my return from the gym.  Now I must fly :)

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