Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HAPPY TANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!  Things are going pretty well out in Oni-Land, in spite of being way-laid by my monthly nemesis for a bit.  Been doing lots of love things with the wee ones, like visiting Mrs. Roth's first grade for the Thankful Feast (they don't call it thanksgiving because I think maybe it is considered too volatile a holiday with the Native Americans having been violently divested of their lands, lifestyle and lives.)  The school is very diverse and we had empanadas, kotafi, arroz y frijoles, lo-mein, gyoza, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots and parsnips with thyme, salad, borekas, burek, cranberry sauce and turkey. It was super fun, and the children read aloud from their "thankful" books, and at the very last page of Ava's she had drawn me and said she was thankful for the best babysitter ever!  I love that girl :)

Yesterday we had another one and one day and I was pretty miserable with cramps, but she still made me smile.  When we got to her apartment I asked shall we do some drawing and what would she like to draw and she said "BOY GEORGE!" which made me bust out laughing and asking her questions and then I was like nah let's just do this.

She is awesome and weird.

now i have to get ready for work.  going upstate for thanksgiving tomorrow, will visit ya'll for a extra thankful Things ILove Thursdays

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