Thursday, September 9, 2010

my fridge died today

long live my fridge.  well when i go get one in the morning.  i filled the mostly-dead fridge with ice to save my foods.  maybe it will work.  who knows?

today my little charges started school.  kindergarten for the 5 y.o. and third grade for the 8 y.o.  they did alright.  chloe likes her teacher and has a friend in her class.  soph's nervous about geometry, even though she has nothing to worry about.  she knows about rhombuses and nonagons and such.  glad we watched out TMBG Here Comes the Science videos this summer :)

i'm a really, really good nanny.  last night i watched a new charge named carmella.  she's two and pretty awesome.  she is pretty decent at using the potty which impressed me, and knows her shapes fairly well.  gonna have to do more work with colors because she guesses everything is lellow or pink.  i like lellow.  her mom was very impressed with how i integrate learning activities into fun and active play, which made me happy.  of course i learned this over time.  it is boring to just play with kids, it is better to play with them and teach them stuff.  and if you just teach them stuff they get bored and frustrated, so it is much better to mix it up into a game, and to break those games up with physical activities.

um what else.  i'm getting a new kid.  her name's ava and she lives in the same building with sophie and chloe and she goes to the same school.  three days a week i'm picking her up and hanging out.  bonus for me on the financial side and also in the job-not-being-boring department.

today i saw my friend andrushka and his mom at the library.  he is pretty cool.  he's in first grade now and he likes rockets and space and stuff and he is trilingual which is just amazing and i'm wishing i was even bilingual!  he speaks English and Georgian and Russian.  he also had bright red hair which i like because it reminds me of my niece Annika who is like the light of my life.

henry came to visit me lots this week because he was home from iraq to go to a wedding.  i like him lots.  he is coming back for a long while in about a month so we shall see what's what.

i decided what i am going to school for, specifically. i want to do a master's of science in early childhood education but that job market is the pits right now.   and i am so tired of being desperately poor.  so instead i am going to do a master's in TESOL.
probably at CUNY hunter.

ok time to go to sleep i have to get up early to go to the used appliance store.  and i have to have my wits about me because they don't speak English over there just Spanglish and i don't want to get anything mixed up, especially not features or prices.  i should probably ask the guy to write stuff down in spanish, that's what i did last time and it worked because translating writing is much easier for me than fast speech.

in closing i want to wish everyone a happy rosh hashanah!

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