Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday :) TILT TIME!

1. my papa and my mom.  my dad always has my back, no matter what i do.  and he is my #1 fan.  and my mom is so sweet.  when she heard my fridge died she wanted to buy me another one, even though she can't afford it.  fortunately Brian fixed it.  Oh and when I was very sick both of them called me a lot to take care of me!!

2. CalorieCount
I've used this free and relatively easy-to-use website for years.  Last time I was using it religiously I was able to drop fifty pounds and keep track of all my nutrients and minerals.  This time I'm using it to drop ten and I started yesterday and I've already dropped weight!  By using math, graphs, and clear displays I'm able to track what I need to reach my goals without succumbing to "magical thinking" or other unhealthy thought patterns.

3. My garden!!  It is a bit decimated (I like that word, decimate technically means to kill every tenth man) but it still produces.  I decided to put up some basil today.  I upcycled a few things round the house and it came out quite nice.  I think I will give one to my friends for their housewarming.  Or maybe I will give them a plant of basil I don't know.  But it's nice to have on hand.
and yes, I have my own pinking shears.  My apartment is a wonderland of stuff like that.

5. My knee being better and my lil sister for helping me find out what kind of exercises to do to stop it from happening again.  She's in physical therapy school and she's a single mom and she's amazing :)  I love her so much.  She is very positive and fit and energetic and hardworking,  She inspires me.

6. Oh and MIR MIR!!  my sister is the best she brought me soup and is helping me with my career.  she always makes time to talk with me, whether it is something important or I just need directions to the nearest Bank Of America ATM. (I don't have a SmartPhone so i just call my SmartSis).  And we are going to go to Spa Castle for my birthday!!!!!!!  which is november 2nd and don't you forget it.  Buy me presents from the amazon wishlist that is linked somewhere on the right-hand column of this page, or from somewheres else, or not :)

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