Saturday, August 28, 2010

SAVE the Pelham Parkway Trees!

Defenders of Parkway trees ratchet up efforts > > Bronx

I love the trees on the parkway. My family has lived on Pelham Parkway for 57 years. I would hate to see any of the trees here go. We already lost several this year due to storms. The neighborhood loves the Parkway and I see people enjoying the wooded spaces everyday. We sunbathe, run, dog walk, bike, skate, read, smoke, play chess, date, chat, eat, drink, kiss and play under these trees. It is our piece of nature and its character will be much maligned by the loss of the trees.

There was a rally to save the trees today and I attended.  I want to make sure that our voices are heard and that the trees are protected. The mature trees are one of my favorite things about my neighborhood.  They are one of the reasons I don't mind living so far from Manhattan, and one of the reasons I just signed a new lease even though my rent went up about three hundred dollars.

Check out this New York Times slideshow featuring my neighborhood and notice a common feature in all the pictures (GREEN TREES!!)  They are what makes Pelham Parkway a beautiful place to live.  In the spring we step off the train into a green land scented with the blooms of flowering trees.  In the summer we find shade beneath the leafy green canopy and in the fall our neighborhood comes alive with a rainbow of colors.  The apple trees bear fruit and the neighborhood communes.  SAVE THE TREES!

Take a drive down Pelham Parkway South:

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