Thursday, September 30, 2010

things i love thursdays

short and sweet because this week has been long and difficult.

dolphins and clumsiness:

this twisty tree on my way to work:
and i also love TreeRock which is opposite this one on the other side of the on-ramp but i can't get a picture because i sit in the passenger side when i travel by car and it is on the driver side.

my brother lank who is rocking med school despite various impediments:
this photo was taken by a five year old.  they are short.  all their pictures look kinda like this which is neat.  i guess when i was five this was my perspective on the world too. i remember thinking about that a little bit when i was little.  i also thought (quite a bit) about how when i was a kid i wasn't going to know what it was like being a kid because i would lose my frame of reference (it would lose it's everydayness and be replaced by grown-up everydayness.) i'm not sure i agree with littleme on that one...  i mean it is surely different to be a grown-up but i am so often mistaken for a child by children that i think i may still have some of the original context left in me, or near enough, and i am thankful for that.  so i guess another thing i love is my child-like qualities (yes even the little voice.)

i love this barbie's very slutty makeup.  i don't know why.  i named her chantell and she is the A+ super mean b-word of the barbies at ava's house.   i love that i have a job where i get to play barbies regularly.  i also love that my girls are down with playing zombie barbies and vampire barbies and space barbies because regular barbies get pretty boring.

my niece ANNIKA!
i need to go see her. i usually see her once a month but due to budgetary restrictions (I am desperately broke right now) i haven't been to see her in a sometime and won't until the 15th of October and I miss her.

here she is studying a physics textbook in the car and here she is making a mean face:

my niece is fantastic and i think that largely owing to the big extended group of grown-ups who surround her with love and attention.  my sister is a single mom but ani has my brother, her grandma, her great-grandma, four aunts, a great aunt and multitude of second cousins in her life on the day-to-dat which is awesome.

ok there's lots more i love in this big wide world and i am just too tired to write about it.  did lots of gymming today and went to the flea market store too and got two plates with trees on them and that james frey book and a wooden duck and i think that's it.  i went to the dollar store too and bought some candy.  ok i'm done for now.

signing off

oni von poopenpants

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