Thursday, May 6, 2010

today's my day off, and i'm loving it

but i also love my job. sophie and chloe are awesome, rollerskating is awesome, discussing things with them and their friends is awesome because they have very fresh perspectives.  i love going to the playground, i love making things with children, cooking with them, reading with them. I even like making food for them.   It is pretty sweet.

woot.  i did laundry and took care of my animals and did dishes and mopped the kitchen and stuff!  now i am going to go for a run when my ipod is charged.  i always forget to charge it.  i had a fool's errand i went to the gym, went on the rower for like ten minutes then my ipod died, then i went to my house, realized i left my keys on the machine at the gym, went to the gym got the keys, came  home and now i don't wanna go back.  so i'll go running it's a beautiful day here in the bronx!  i really like living on a parkway because there are so many trees.  (especially ones with flowers ).  alright.  i think ill drink some water the i'm gone :)

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