Saturday, May 8, 2010



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um guys...  so i couldn't sleep welll last night so instead i slept late today.  now i feel a bad case of lazies.  i want to go to the bank and get quarters and wash my stinkin clothes.  but i doubt that will happen.

tonight is the housewarming party for my dear friend doug!  he is moving with foley, of dingle-fame.  i am heading down to saigon, brooklyn, for an evening's worth of drinky silly party fun.   i am bringing them gifts: a basil seedling and a tomato seedling. i would give each a week before they sucuumb to bacheloritis (the plants not the two fellas) but doug has a wonderful gf Leah who i adore and she is a vegan and g-d knows they love plants.  or maybe they really hate plants?  i eat chicken and i hate chickens.  so maybe?  hmm.  but i don't eat JUST chicken.  so i think we can assume vegans really super-hate vegetables.

okay that's just about enough lazy for today.  on to the good stuff.  like doing work and going to the gym.

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