Thursday, May 20, 2010

they might be giants, here comes the science!

check this out! 
TMBG (my favorite nerd band) is doing science videos and i love love love them :)

i will give you one more and if you love them as much as i love them then go watch the rest on youtube

i'm gonna show these to the kids i babysit for :)

in other news, here's a new tree frog that was recently discovered in australia 

(Litoria sp. nov.)

i like his pointy nose.

i would like to wish my jewish readers a happy shavuot.  well anyone who appreciates the torah actuallly :)  okay here's some pictures!  because i have insomnia.

and before i leave and say g'night
i also want to show you this bracelet by ayaka nishi because i love it.

and some most amazing sculpture by 3d artist and designed anthony santella of Minnesota.

hmm.  what else.  finished an isaac bashevis singer book today, meshugah. it as really good but the end was dissatisfying. still, in the middle, the main character (who is a writer) tells his lover they should write a book name "three" wherein three people love each other and live outside of conventional arrangement... and that is the title and premise of my book! i was floored by that. singer is one of my favorite writers of all time and wow, i feel like i cannot change the title now. and i may take his harlot/angel character's name either for a pseudonym or for my protagonists given name. something to consider anyway. tonight i'm reading a book called "Iodine" by a Haven Kimmel. Very good so far. schitzophrenic but good. reminds me of my stumbles in the labyrinthine snarls of literary and/or critical theory. some days i kissed myself and say "thank g-d we've escaped academia." but other days i miss it terribly.

i'm working on the book quite a bit. 46 pages in two days. today i didn't do any editing on Three because i needed to do editing for the pink ponies (my writing group), even though I won't be able to attend tomorrow because i am sitting for Russian Anna and her three children. I have to collect them from disparate parts of northern riverdale and then corral them home, feed and dress them and then take the two eldest to karate.

i am suffering truly from insomnia and wish i had some  valerian root or melatonin capsules.  i took some benadryl.  seems stupid because i don't have allergies but whatever its all i've got here to help me.  body is so tired but mind refuses to give up. last night i couldn't put myself down until 4. better luck this time i hope.

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  1. Love They Might Be Giants! Just got my tickets to see 'em in August.

    Freakily coincided re: the I.B. Singer in-story shoutout to your novel-in-progress. Wow. I kind of agree, you can't change it up now. It could be some kind of a sign.

    Yet, hmm. Too easily, I go from singing "Science Is Real," to drawing upon the potential metaphysical interconnectedness of all things.