Sunday, May 23, 2010

good and grand

this is grand:  instant fun

fun is fun.  today was fun too!  well first of all today was tired because i didn't get home from babysitting until like 12:30pm last night and then i had to get on a train and a shuttle bus and train and the greyhound bus and then come to albany.  Please note that greyhound totally SUCKS!  they sold me an e-ticket, and i selected to print it out, and it was supposed to come in my email, but it never did, and they said i  but it was worth it because i got to hang out with LILY! last night and she is awesome.

why did i go through all this traveling and waking up early and whatnot?  because TODAY is GRANDMA MURIEL'S 90th birthday!  my mom made an awesome cake, my cousin bethany made a neat slideshow of old pictures that made lotsa people cry, and I got to see all my paternal cousins( minus Ravi who was on his honeymoon and my brother Lank who is in Israel, and who I miss very much).  I had a fabulous time hanging out with the little people... my second cousin who i thought was my niece but anyway Ravi's daughter Kohana who is beautiful and sweet and who kept saying "hi" over and over to me, Annika (my precious niece who i love to bits and pieces)  and Nathan, who was instrumental in keeping the girls entertained and who is a little gentleman who held the door for me.  It was a fabulous day and I loved it.

My sister Kara came to me with a paraplegic infant squirrel problem which I was able to solve for her with minimal difficulty.  Big thanks to my beloved Papa for the assist.

awesome pictures i stole from my sister mirmir!

Are my cousins gorgeous or what?

I ate a salad with chicken. It was awesome.  Annika stole lots of chicken from me, but I love her so it's ok.  I also stole some of her chicken fingers so we are even.
Man I love my family :)

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