Saturday, May 1, 2010

today is a special day

well, yeah they all are but i am very happy not to have to go to work today.  today i'm having a picnic or walk in the park with this one and then later meeting up with this one for  a meal or a drink.  this morning i had breakfast with brian and tidied my room.  while i'm in manhattan i'm gonna stop at the nyu health center.  quick tip for new yorkers:  sign in with the guard, say your picking something up from the pharmacy for your sister.  then go to the third floor, take a left out of the elevator and walk into the sexual health center and the wall on your left will have bins of free condoms and lubes and dental dams.  all sizes!!  it's very good.  i also have to go to walgreens.  apparently if you fill a script with medicaid you can't get it refilled at another pharmacy, even if it's the same chain.  poop on that.  but i needs my pills so i will do there.

before i leave i need to prepare my submission for this week's Pink Ponies (my writing group).  i've been steadily submitting the novel in progress but this is the first time they are going to see the final thirty pages so i'm excited.  then i take all their notes and my notes and my (literary agent) sister's notes and make the BIG OLD FINAL DRAFT and send it to the editors and agents my sister thinks will dig it.  then i get my millions.  yay.

i also need to do floor work (abs, pushups, leg lifts stuff like that.)  i don't know if i have time for cardio as well but we shall see.

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