Friday, April 30, 2010

lovely links and things

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this article is about a battery which can be charged with seawater, or, barring that, urine. way to go south koreans! everybody has pee pee.


taxidermied pigs with tattoos.

WHATtheCOOL on BuzzFeed

sticker robot has a cool project called SASE where people could snag free sticker packs by sending in decorated envelopes with SASE inside.  The results are awesome and they are here .

and i want a key shaped pocket knife. i am super duper tired.  yesterday my writing group, the pink ponies, met in central park instead of one of our usual haunts.  It was delightful and it has inspired me to strive to make better use of that and other parks this summer.  I will still be going upstate to get out of the city from time to time, but i love me some flora and fauna and should get as much as i can into my life all the time.

i'm back working out a lot and it is exhausting but good.  i stayed out late last night at karaoke and was tired and hungover today but i worked anyway.  now i just wanna take a big nap.  wild friday night huh?  hehe.  

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