Thursday, April 22, 2010


evening greetings my dears.  you find me at an old haunt, the new school building over on 12th street.  i come here every thursday for my writing group and tonight i decided to stay on, after stopping at Murray's Bagels for a hot chocolate.  I highly recommend their bagels, but I do caution that the coffee is a much better choice than the hot chocolate, which is way too sweet.

i'm in some sort of waiting room on the third floor on the 11th street side of the new school building.  between the two sides there is a bridged walkway over the courtyard and tonight there seems to be some sort of lovely sound/art installation.  spent a few lovely moments in that diversion.  there are pieces of paper there and paintbrushes and jars of water.  i dipped the paintbrushes in the water and then drew on the paper, and then my drawings evaporated.
I like this waiting room. it is very quiet here.  ut-oh my cell phone made the sad bledoop sound that means low battery.  woops.

i'm working on my book.  i don't think the title will be staying the same.  it is called Three.  but i am not sure what it will be called ultimately.

i get to hand out with my friend dann tonight, which is very cool.  he's a smart fellow and i enjoy his company.  strong wit and very upbeat personality.

my firescape/window garden is growing strong with healthy and happy basil, tomato, and golden oregano plants.  the strawberries have yet to sprout and that's troublesome.  The kit I bought only came with ten seeds.   When I set out little seed pots of anything to germinate I like to fill up at least half a tray, lots more plants then ten because how likely is it that ten seeds are all going to come to fruition?  I think that was mad cheap of the buzzy seeds kit people

ok what just happened to my html to make this part in italics!  how annoying.  i really should learn how to script better instead of being lazy and relying on all this intuitive easy-pie blogging software because when it messes up I don't know how to fix it.

ok maybe I figured it out now... ha. whatever.
alright almost time to get back to work.  but first some pictures.

 rathouse from an empty lot by the bar

my bosses (emily and vladimir)  i like them :)

ok that's neough bye bye

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