Saturday, April 3, 2010

i am the frogfish. i am adorable and silly.

time for awesomeness round up

karl lagerfeld on a coca cola light bottle:
 i love this b/c lagerfeld is a psycho anti-fat person.  he should be on a diet coke label because his biggest fear in life is getting fat.  he has a crazy diet where you eat like baby food and nothing.

in other news i need this so i can be an even better BEST NANNY EVER.  buy it for me.  i can't tie knots in balloons though.. this is my only childcare failing.

i like the random obsessiveness of starblog 

today i made red curry with sweet potato, shrimps and other veggietables.  and brown rice.  yerm.  and a boss salad as well :)

tonight i went to see How To Train Your Dragon.  i liked it very much it was adorable!

oh i wanted to mention something that was very neat at the botanical gardens yesterday and that is their massive herbarium.  in another life i would have been a botanist.  it was awesome and nerdy and fascinating to pore over all this information on mosses and seaweeds and squashes and ferns and things.  yep.  apparently emily dickinson made one.  i wish i had when i lived in the country with MR. PRVRT. 
when i was younger I was in Science Olympiad and I won a blue ribbon in tree identification, at the state competition.  I have always felt a strong strong draw toward plant life, trees in particular.  I am glad I have some plants growing here now, even if they are a bit starved for space/sun.

ok its late i'm gonna try to make my brains turn off so i can sleep!

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  1. Frog Fish are pretty damn amazing.
    A bit lack luster for interactivity but cute as fuck.