Wednesday, April 28, 2010'm pretty darn well and i hope you can say the same.  i woke up very hungover this morning but no matter, some water, ibuprofen and a pop tart and i was right as rain.  it was a strawberry frosted pop tart and it was delicious.  my favorite flavor is frosted brown sugar cinnamon.   i don't eat poptarts very often because they helped make me fat back when i was fat.

  my roomate, brian, is back in town as he found some freelance work.  this is good.  i like not having a roomate, but i like not having to pay the rent by myself much better.

my strawberries never came up.  boo-urns buzzy seeds, boo-urns.the rest of plants are well though, even with the loss of a tomato plant, but i put in two so that's ok.

i re-dyed my hair tonight and i think it looks mighty fine.  i am tired!  i didn't get home from work until 9:30 tonight.  emily's car got towed so vladimir had to go get her and i had to stay with the girls. we watched My Neighbor Totoro and they absolutely loved it.  I love them.  We went rollerskating today.  They skated.  I watched.  i really wanted to skate but i don't have skates yet.

do you have some extra money?  please buy me these roller skates or something else from my amazon gift list

ok i have to get ready for work.  here's some pictures from yesterday

 sophie, ready for rollerderby


here's some boys i played with yesterday we dug up two little nymphs, a larvae and another bug.

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