Sunday, August 15, 2010

if it's in this post then

i'm feeling it!

up first, hyper-realist scuplture by Carole Feuerman courtesy of Sprayblog:

Dos Equis bottles by KAWS

i wanna drink you.

and an ill photo slideshow of nudibranches over at NewYorkTimes online right HERE

That said, updates on my progress on the mega to-do lists can be expected tomorrow as well as photos and fun from my saturday night excursion to see a show by one of my favoritest ladies, the ever-impressive ms. rebecca memoli

In technical news I can't get mobile blogging to work on my cell phone anymore which is a bummer, especially as i can't access verizonwireless pix place either, so all cell phone pics are now trapped in cellphone land for the time being which sucks.
However, all is not lost because Brian gave me his old camera (it has a slight defect but who doesn't!) as he has gotten a new one.  ok time to make the sleepies.

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