Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Stan Pie

I asked brian to make me some scrambled eggs today and he was sweet and amenable but sleepy and he instead made a perfect omelette, which neither of us wanted, I guess because we are sick of perfect omlettes.  It got me to thining so i said "hey bri, I think we are getting into something of a culinary rut.  I make too much Sorpresa."
That's a dish i invented that is sort of like picadillo except i just put in everything i can find that looks like it wouldn't be gross with mexican seasonings.

And he was like "well what else can you make?"
And I was like "let's got to the store, tonight I'm gonna make an old stand-by."

"Never heard of it."

And I said, "Chicken-ala-king. I used to make it all the time and I can do a low-fat version that's real tasty."

And he started chuckling.
"Woah I was very confused like who is this old stan and what does he put in his pies?"

and so i laughed until my tummy muscles hurt and later i'm gonna make old stan pie.

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