Sunday, December 13, 2009

NOW rocking with the best

What up oni-ites!
missed me? we're at new web addy but it's the same good stuff.

NOT me! not yet anyway :)


much to report. still working out like a fiend, mostly at the bronx house. lately started in with swimming laps and my body is getting pretty proper. weight lifting like these a stronger woman than i'd ever thought i'd be as well

Highlights of recent weeks have bene the completion of the rough draft of my first novel: Three. It's good, people, and it's getting great. And it's finally getting done!! so that's pretty amazing.

In employment news I got some new kids to watch after. This is fantastic because as much as I told everyone I was ready to hang up my nanny hat and get a grown-up job I really live a much happier, if poorer, life. richer in spirit. my girls are fantastic. ages 7 and 4. they are bright as all get out and remind me of me, reading like a much older person reads. they have great imagination as well. Tomorrow will be the first time I do a full shift, picking them up from daycare and a elementary school and then looking after them until their mother or father get home in the evening. Should be fun I had a blast playing with them on Friday.

Speaking of Kids...

I want to let everyone know that there is a really wonderful Disney movie out right now. It's the called The Princess and The Frog. It's a musical comedy set in the beautiful city of New Orleans. The voice actors and animators did a great job on this one but it really the score which sets it apart and evokes the magic of New Orleans and the Bayou.

I went with Ewaen, and being Nigerian, I don't think he's ever heard Zydeco music before. I fell in love with it when my sixth grade english teacher, Mr. Link, (who was also the town's volunteer fire chief) introduced Buckwheat Zydeco to the class and I was blown away. So, anyway, the movie was great musically, with all the jazz and zydeco going down. Voodoo was portrayed in a fairly even-handed manner, with a bad "shaowman" and a good "mama adee" in the swamp. This was the second most female empowering "princess" movie, after Mulan, but it was a way more entertaining. And to see a positive strong black female role-model on the big screen for mainstream viewing is a pretty cool thing in my book.

Well I have plenty more to tell you but I am tired and I have full day tomorrow, starting @ the gym at 9:00 am with Terrell, who is trying to hit a certain goal by his birthday and since we work out together I am suffering along this crazy regime as well! but it gets results so there we are.
I hope you all have good night!

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