Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's snowing

i had a tummy ache today. i take this laxative tea once in a while, called Smooth Move, when I can't make it to brown town. Last night I made a cup and maybe I left the tea bag in the water too long because today I was on the dang bowl for half my waking hours. what a misery! i still managed a workout, cardio/chest/abs and to get some editing in on the novel. I feel a little tired but tonight will be a great adventure.

first I am going to the Sacred Gallery Un-Holiday Party and then to Brooklyn for a Blood Dumpster fete at Viet Nam. gonna see some fantastic friends and some serious artwork, and maybe indulge in some yuletide spirits (the sacred party is open bar!). I hope my travels are not too arduous, considering the weather situation (its snowing like gnome, AK up in this piece).

what remains to be seen is my outfit for the evening. the blood dumpster party is yet another delightfully themed gala, the 7th annual sweater party. I will clearly be wearing a sweater. Good for the cold. But I also want to wear a tutu and tights and soccer socks and glitter and stuff. Because i'm a silly little elfkin. But the weather may preclude dress up tonight. I suppose I should get on dressing for it now, as I have a feeling it will be one of those try-on-everything-in-my-closet-twice types of things.

kk bye :)

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