Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my teef hurt

my medicaid dentist is not the best. if you need to go see a medicaid dentist in the bronx i do not recommend dr. gordon on pelham parkway. my teeth didn't hurt before!! they hurt really bad all day now.

today was a long long day because i went to the ale house last night for a most epic drinking monday (the one night a week when tons of my friends get together and go to the bar) an evening which occasioned use of a second table, and then necessitated the pulling out of that table from the wall to accommodate all the attendees. It was a raucous good time but I went home later than I should have and woke later than I planned too. I was meant to go to the gym with Terrell this morning and then swimming but I could barely make it out of bed in time for work. I managed that though and then went on the hellish boring plodding journey that is my eight-mile hour-and-fifteen-minute snail's pace commute. the 1 train at 207 street was closed and i didn't have time to ride down to dyckman and change trains so i just waited for another 12 select bus and took that to isham and ran for the 7 bus (which i missed) and then i went into a Dominican greasy spoon for an espresso b/c i was dragging and i was like well I'm late already so hang it all. but then as the espresso machine was expressing it's dark liquid wake-up juice i saw the 7 bus out the window and apologized to the lady, gave her my last $1 and ran for the bus.

I made it to Chloe's school on time and then we had this fascinating conversation about how she likes to play The Sims 3 on her mother's i-phone (she is four and knows all about i-phone applications because her father runs some sort of app-review entity) and anyway she was saying how it was odd that in the lamp store her Sim could buy a menorah or a kinara (for kwanzaa) but when her Sim went to he plant store he could not find any christmas trees. i was a little astounded at her logic and categorizing abilities. I am amazed when she reads to me and tackles words like "martian" and "distinctly" without a moment's pause.

then she made a most telling observation. she told me that her Sim could play on the computer, but the only option of computing activity available to him was playing The Sims 3. And she asked me why that was the only thing her Sim could do on the computer because she has a computer and it can do lots of things. So we talked about marketing. I really like Chloe.

then we got sophie and I saw Igor and Julie
from the family I used to work for, and

(this is masha from the family i used to work for)

also Luka, my little hyperactive half-Georgian half-Russian friend and his bube, Vera, who doesn't speak any English. I had missed her so we had a nice reunion of sorts with lots of hugs and bad English and worse Russian.

then i took the girls to their home. we played for a minute and then all they mostly wanted to do was to play Club Penguin! This is MMOG (similar to Second Life). so that part of my day i was left to myself and thinking about the implications of growing up on Club Penguin in a child's identity development...as they grow into myspacers and face bookers and then linkedinners. If I ever go to Georgetown or RPI for the doctorate programs I was accepted to I will definitely add this to my research possibilities. I've been working on a thesis proposal basically applying old identity theory to the new "E-dentities" created by participants in online communities.

yawn. i'm super tired and sore in the muscles and my teeth hurt. I have work to do though so i must be going.

smell you later!

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